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    More Lambda

  2. Tron3k


    Quote:He'll probably live to 130 if he doesn't get hit by a bunch of stampeding cows.It'll only seem that long because you don't eat any meat. [wink]
  3. Tron3k

    ## Everybody in the house do the bartman!

    I have no fucking clue, seriously
  4. Tron3k

    Butterfly #227

    Note: DIE
  5. Tron3k


    If anyone's interested, I just wrote an article on the new syntax. http://tron3k.blogspot.com
  6. Tron3k


    1. "clisp" generally means CLISP and not Common Lisp. 2. Scheme is not a pure functional language. Examples from my absurdly terse language: Factorial: def~fac:n if~zero?:n 1 *:n,fac:1-:n Y combinator: (don't even TRY writing this in Common Lisp) def~y:f[x|f:x:x]:[x|f:x:x]
  7. Tron3k

    More news fun

    Mithrandir continually fails to surprise me.
  8. Tron3k

    Sly Boogie - Its nothing - Sparse Entry

    Cool, you're a black dude? I'm an Indian dude. I don't wear a turban though. I should really post my picture somewhere around here one day ... I have a question. How do you do quantum mechanics simulations? Considering that conventional QM says that there is no well-defined time for the event of, let's say, an atom emitting a photon, how are these things simulated properly on a computer? The only solution I know is to use that Bohmian mechanics I keep talking about. [grin] EDIT: I guess what I'm kind of asking is how do you decide when to collapse the wave function ... that is the overarching problem that bugs everybody, isn't it!
  9. Tron3k

    Even more MUD progress.

    You know what else is like Python? Lisp.
  10. Tron3k

    Throw the ball

    Is a geodesic really thought of as a straight line? I just thought of it as the path that maximizes the proper time experienced by an object on that path.
  11. Tron3k

    Entry #73.m

  12. Tron3k

    Entry #59

    You evil bastard! Where's my cookie?
  13. Tron3k

    They found a way...

    What's wrong with that? It's cool. [grin]
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