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  1. Hello, I'm currently working on a 2D mining game in Unity. Inspired by Motherload primarily, I am working on making a modern remake of Super Motherload (the Steam version) that has infinite terrain as well as combat. The goal is to create an experience similar to Towns or Motherload where in order to get further (deeper) you have to continually upgrade your vehicle. Key improvements / features / differences to Motherload: Infinite terrain Visual based upgrades (so you actually see new drill types etc.), Much deeper stats / upgrades system with far more customization etc. Combat (monsters will start appearing further down) More end game / longer game experience I am primarily working on mechanics at the moment and I tend to be more focused on mechanics in general (not fussed about story / theming particularly). In terms of art style, I am not a huge fan of blocky pixel art (8 bit / retro style) or cartoon style graffics, but honestly I am open to suggestions and convincing! I am looking for a 2D artist who can commit a decent number of hours a week to creating this game. I plan on the game being sci-fi, but I am interested in hearing you ideas for the style and details (such as environment etc.). Ideally you are also interested in game design and want to put forth your own ideas and discuss changes etc. I have a working demo of infinite terrain, saving / loading, fog of war, mining system, upgrades and some other bits and bobs. As for me, I am a AAA game dev (senior gameplay programmer) working full time in New Zealand (time zones may be an issue), and I try to spend roughly 10-20 hours a week on the project in my spare time (will probably increase once I have a game dev partner!). Let me know if you are interested, I have attached a simple image to give you an idea. Also to note, I have little to no experience with production and marketing, but am planning to learn as much as I can later on in the development process. Would be great if you have knowledge on these subjects or are also willing to learn / work on these too! Thank you!
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