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  1. AlienplayGames

    Link It Up! | Devlog #5

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my 5th devlog Since my last devlog I've made a small, yet very effective improvement to my game's tileset. I think it just looks waaaay better now. I also found a simple solution to combat "aggressive players" who'd drop enemies onto spikes Also, there will be achievements for Link It Up! and they will be available on every web portal I publish the game on. As you can see on the image bellow there will be 3 achievements. Completionist (for completing the game), Collector (for getting all collectibles) and You Got It (for getting half way through the game). Most importantly, I managed to make all 30 levels for the game. I think that these levels are pretty nice. They showcase different mechanics and use every one of them in a few interesting ways. Levels are mostly focused on puzzles but if you have some platforming skills you'll be able to get more collectibles. The next thing I need to do is to test these levels. If you're interested in playtesting Link It Up! just DM/PM me here or on Twitter and I'll make sure to let you know when you can do so. Thanks! Make sure to subscribe to my Newsletter to get notified when I release Link It Up!
  2. AlienplayGames

    Link It Up! | Devlog #4

    Thank you so much! :D
  3. AlienplayGames

    Link It Up! | Devlog #4

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my 4th devlog on Link It Up! Since my last devlog I made some smaller improvements to my game. One of those improvements is that now, when you move the line, both dots leave a marker that helps you to understand where will the line be if you reset it. Besides that, I added some optional collectibles (well, in the level bellow they aren't really "optional" :D). I plan on using these collectibles for some kind of non-linear level progression. I'm still not sure how it is going to work though, so if you can point out to me some games that use non-linear level progression I'd be very thankful for that. For now, it's just a thought that I have, we'll see how it goes. I made some levels as well. Last time I focused more on making platforming levels and this time and focused more on puzzles, and I'm quite satisfied how some of these levels turned out. Here're some examples: I'm near the end of this project and I'm really satisfied to see how it comes along. Hopefully, I'll manage to finish it before the deadline I set for myself. I still have to make about 10 new levels, then choose the best ones for the final game, and of course to figure out the progression. I hope you'll enjoy the game when it comes out. Thanks for reading this devlog! If you haven't seen my showcase video of Link It Up!, Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/embed/eAIpr8_R8hE
  4. AlienplayGames

    Link It Up!

    Link It Up! is a puzzle platforming game I'm currently developing as a web game.
  5. AlienplayGames

    Link It Up! | Devlog #3

    Hi everyone! Today I've made quite some progress on Link It Up so I decided to share it with you. I had a lot inspiration for levels focused on platforming, though I made some puzzles as well. I'm still testing out different mechanics but I'm also trying to use existing ones in new and interesting ways. Here's the new mechanic I added yesterday. You can now use these switches to change states of all connectors. If connectors are red you can't attach the line to them. For blue line I found two new use cases. First, if you're precise enough and your timing is correct you can bounce off yourself like this: Second, enemies can be bounced off. This requires some planing upfront but when you succeed at it it's quite satisfying: That's it for now. I hope you like the progress I've made so far and if you have any feedback or suggestions feel free to let me know. Thank you all for following my devlogs! ------------------------------------------------ I uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing some of the mechanics of Link It Up! Check it out here: Link It Up! Gameplay
  6. AlienplayGames

    Link It Up! | Devlog #2

    Thank you for feedback! That idea didn't even cross my mind and it really can add a lot of polish to the game. It's now on my todo list.
  7. AlienplayGames

    Link It Up! | Devlog #2

    Hey everyone! This is devlog #2 for Link It Up! a game in which you have to reach the end by moving a line. As I said in my first devlog I had a lot of interesting ideas for Link It Up! so I immediately started working to implement them. I added bouncy line. Basically, instead of using normal, black line, in some levels you get to use blue, bouncy one. Here's one of the levels in which you have to use it: This level in particular focuses more on platforming than on puzzle element of the game and it changes the pace from relaxed to something a bit more tense. Which is cool in my opinion, but definitely let me know what do you think about it. I also added patrolling enemies, but for now I only have one level with them in which you'll be introduced to how they work. Hopefully, by the end of this level players will have an understanding about how they can limit or completely change enemies patrol routes. In total I made 10 levels, that I'd most likely have to tweak a bit later on. My plan is to make about 20-25 levels but I'd like to polish them more then I did so in my previous game, Fling. I plan on having something like a closed beta testing for Link It Up! when I finish all of the levels to make sure they're interesting to play. Make sure to subscribe to my Newsletter to get notified when that happens. I hope you like how the game is going and as always any feedback is appreciated I'll see you all in my next devlog! Follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my Newsletter.
  8. AlienplayGames

    Link It Up! | Devlog #1

    My previous project was Fling and yeah, I totally understand you. I also find it difficult to design levels and puzzles, however I got a bit more knowledge on the subject by watching GMTK's videos. Like these ones: 4-step Level Design of Super Mario 3D World Mega Man 11's Levels Design What makes good puzzle? For now I'm basically following those 4 steps when designing my levels. So I'd definitely recommend you watch those videos (if you haven't already) to get at least some ideas. Hope it helps. Btw, have you published that personal project? And if yes where can I play it?
  9. AlienplayGames

    Link It Up! | Devlog #1

    Thanks! I'm using Unity as my game engine but because Link It Up! is going to be a web game I'll have to use a bit of JavaScript to integrate some APIs.
  10. AlienplayGames

    What to do first ?

    This video from Mathew Palaje helped me tremendously when I started out so I'd definitely recommend you watch it. It basically suggests that you should start making a game a week first and when you feel more confident you can start doing a game a month and go on from there. I think this kind of roadmap will help you because it allows you to work on many different types of projects, for different platforms and in different genres which will help you to get more experience.
  11. AlienplayGames

    Link It Up! | Devlog #1

    Thank you! I'm primarily developing it for the web (or Unity WebGL, to be precise) and it will most likely be playable on mobile, although I don't plan to release it neither for Android nor iOS.
  12. AlienplayGames

    Link It Up! | Devlog #1

    Hey everyone! I recently started developing my new web game. It's called Link It Up! and it's a puzzle platforming game. In this game you need to link up the line in a way that allows you to reach the end of the level. I prototyped this mechanic and made a few levels: I already have some cool ideas about how I can use this mechanic in an interesting way. Graphics are "inspired" by the game Rotate (you can play Rotate on Armor Games). I really like the art style of that game so I decided to basically copy it for now. This allows me to practice my skills as a pixel artist a little bit, and also it's nice to have a good foundation for something I usually struggle with, which is art. Now, I'm going to test out some of the different mechanics I'd like to include in this game, and I'll definitely post GIFs of all of those mechanics here. Hope you like the idea! You can Follow my devlogs here, on GameJolt, Itch or on Twitter. Last thing I'd like to say is that if you just want to play the game when it comes out you can Subscribe to my Newsletter. You'll get updates when I start a new project, when you can playtest it and when I release it. Reminder: I'll post Fling postmortem at the beginning of March with all the stats, ratings and some of my thoughts on that game and how it went.
  13. AlienplayGames


    Fling is a 2D platforming game with Grappling Hook as the only way to move. Fling has simple, clean and minimal pixelated graphics, which makes the game easy to understand during gameplay. Gameplay itself is focused around one key mechanic, moving with grappling hook. Everything else in the game is centered around this kind of movement. Game features Endless mode in addition to 30 main levels. Fling is fun, challenging and addictive web game and it really tests your skills. Check out Fling's trailer on YouTube Features: 30 Levels Endless mode 3 types of hazards 2 types of intractable objects Leaderboards (on Kongregate, GameJolt and Newgrounds) Achievements (on GameJolt and Newgrounds) You can play the game on: Kongregate Newgrounds GameJolt Itch Soon on Armor Games
  14. AlienplayGames

    Link It Up!

    Album for Link It Up!
  15. AlienplayGames


    Album for Fling
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