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  1. BBalloway 16Bit Style RPG game looking for team members of all walks of life and talents [Hobby Unity Project] [Passion Project] [Vision] An online multiplayer RPG game that includes quests, resource gathering, and a player based economy in order to allow the player to make their experience in a way that they want. Not predetermined by the dev team, there will be multiple quests line some specific to the player's role but others are open to all. I envision an Open World where the players affect it and change it how they please along with gameplay focused on teamwork that makes that dream work! But also allowing lone wolfs to thrive and be off on their own adventure. [Style] 2D Tile Based 16bit voxel art [Point of View] Top Down Screenshot taken from inside of Unity [Requirements] Have time to invest nothing crazy but be willing to contribute Have a passion for our vision that we will all contribute towards, this is a team No experience required just be ready to learn I can help ya with the ropes or if you are an industry expert, it does not matter I appreciate all the help I can get [Main Roles] Developer: Script coding Artist: Sprite creation and animation Writer and Game Designer: Have a good idea of developing a long but loose story [Game Description] The player will enter into a large open world with biomes ranging from -10 degrees to upwards of 100 degrees. With the ability to gather resources, fight monsters, build on their land, farm, fish fight dungeons and go on quests with people! More details will be provided once you join us on our journey! Hope you find this interesting and shoot me a DM! Concept art
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