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  1. Hello there, Kammertone hereI am looking for interesting projects - be it games or movies - to enhance my Portfolio.I work in any genre, and I am happy to try out new things. I also do sound design. I have worked on smaller games and I have created music and sound for 'MDR' - a german television station.https://kammertone.com/Feel free to check out my music here. If you want more/other samples I am more than happy to provide.Just reply to this thread or shoot a mail atkammertonus@gmail.comWhat I am looking for: The rule is simple: If I get paid commissions those always come first. But since I have some free time right now I am willing to work on Hobby Projects - provided they are interesting and well made/planned. Unfortunately I have made quite a lot of songs for projects that were cancelled, and I am trying to avoid that in the future. So I am thankful for everyone wo provides a lot of information about his/her game, so I can take a look at it.We can have a relaxed discussion on discord or skype or whatever you like.I hope we will have a lot of fun making your game!Kind regards
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