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  1. Wanting a mere hint on how to Compose music like Toby Fox. This is my very first and I want some information on a certain soft ware that can perform music almost like Toby Fox. What I'm asking for is what kind of music development program or programs can create simply the very instruments performed in Toby Fox's works in his smash indie hit Undertale and his recent debut Deltarune. That includes both "pixelated instruments" as I call them such as the chiptunes and instruments in "Your Best Friend," "Anticipation," "Determination," and "Bonetrousle" that have an old-school 80's, NES style to it, then you have music that doesn't even use any kind of old-school, NES style instruments like "Ruins," "Snowy," "Danger Mystery," "Waterfall," "Another Medium," "It's Raining Somewhere Else," "Hopes and Dreams," "The Field of Hopes and Dreams," "Scarlet forest" and many others, and then you have ones where they combine the two styles of instruments such as "Heartache," "Spear of Justice," "Asgore," "Megalovania," "Vs. Lancer, " and more, and THEN you have little gag instruments that create songs that are supposed to give a little bit of a comedic kind of vibe similar to "Dogsong," "Temmie Village," "Tem Shop," "Pathetic House," "Spooktune," and "Alphys." Does absolutely anyone know or have a mere hint on what kinds of softwares can be used to create songs like all of the one's I mentioned? Any form of feedback is highly appreciated. -Evan Kinsler
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