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  1. Hi guys. I'm new to this site, but have joined in order to network and meet like minded people. I hope to one day start a videogame company, that has the creativity of both Nintendo and also the Rareware of the 90's. I have never seen such a successful partnership. Although this will not happen for a fair few years, it is something that I hope to achieve in the years to come. I hope that I can meet anyone who has similar interests and find all the talent that exists out there. I am not a game developer, nor do I write music, draw characters or have ever worked in the industry. I only feel that I have a good business and financial acumen and have always loved Nintendo. My creativity has led me to think of potential character designs and stories, but I would love to meet talented people to take this to the next step. Again, this will not happen for years, but I just hope to make the first step. I'd also love to know of any other sites similar to this one? Always up for a chat Thank you
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