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  1. CompuServe

    GetComponent in Unity

    errm...I'm having trouble understanding this fully. Ok, so it's a null object to begin with...when I assign rigid via this -> rigid = GetComponent<Rigidbody>(); do I instantiate something? (or is it initialize??? I'm having a headache right now trying to differentiate between these expressions please guys...help me out) and...well yeah...as u noted: can I get it it's just that...you express it like this: "you'd normally use" errm...what does this mean? are you suggesting that the above is an optional form of doing it?
  2. CompuServe

    sharing your prototype

    Yo... So...I am developing a prototype for a RTS-kinda game...It's still in the embryo-stage...(imagine that huh? an embryo of a prototype) so it's basically not much. I will probably be working on it for years still. And...I was thinking it's such a great concept that I'm working on...It has ALOT of potential. And so...yea...it's alot of work right? I'm sitting here punching the keys like 5 hours a day, sometimes longer...I try to keep fit, eat healthy and also do meditation every day as a routine. If you add it up in the future that's alot of investment from my side. Returning to the subject... It's supposed to be a big game. I'm just doing the sketches, right? So, what if it actually is received with interest and they say: "Oh yeah...this looks worth developing, let's get the team on it rightaway!" And then comes the big question mark. I had a little discussion with fellow developers and they said like this: "DUUUDE they will rip you off! They will steal the whole shit and never leave a "get well"-note. They are merciless at those levels!!!" Hmm...I started thinking. HAHAHA I mean...what if they release the game in the future...And...well...and I have all the code/design/3d-models on my computer. Can I go to court? Okay so that was basically my dilemma! It's a very simple question and probably I'm just being paranoid. Also I would like to add one more thing...is there a thing like gamedevelopment patenting? When's the right time to get the patent? If there is such a possibility... Thanks in advance! Seeya... /Compu
  3. CompuServe

    GetComponent in Unity

    Look, I know programming. Getting into Unity now. Started following a tutorial on scripting but got stuck mentally on the first step. He's trying to explain how GetComponent works but does a really poor job. So, this is the code: public Rigidbody rigid; void Start () { rigid = GetComponent<Rigidbody>(); } Now what I don't understand is if rigid is already declared as the type Rigidbody why does it have to be assigned via GetComponent? If someone could explain this I would be sooo happy. Thanks, Compu
  4. Hi, I have known the basics of programming for many years. My problem is that I don't know what to code. When I made my first payroll-program in c++ I remember it was so fun and kind of aqcuired a taste for programming that stuck with me through all this time. I have these giant ideas for a game which I kind of build upon and draw inspiration from by doing sketches on the drawboard and some 3d-modeling (landscapes, characters and machinery...it's supposed to be sci-fi). Now the thing is...I have some friends who are in the game industry as programmers and they are pretty experienced. So I ask them for advice - you know - "what the hell should I code? I love it, but..." They firmly believe that I should start making small games that I could finish in 1-2 days. Probably Unity btw. My question to you is if this is good advice. Isn't the time-frame they're suggesting way too short? And how are you gonna come up with something so compact and still with a decent gameloop in that time? I mean the design... I guess that's about it. Thanks in advance.
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