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  1. jmclaveria

    How do you "wreck" a car?

    Thanks for answering, I'll take a look to decal rendering. The car is split on many parts already (front bumper, rear bumper, doors, etc), we would like to dent those parts with different intensities depending on the collisions
  2. First of all sorry for my English. We are developing a mobile car game and would like to "wreck" the cars on impact and crashes. The performance is a must for mobile games so at first we have thought about blending 2 meshes on impacts: one the original car mesh and the other one is the wrecked car mesh. Is this a good way to achieve the effect? In the other hand we would need to overlay the car texture with some scratches on impact zones. How can achieve this? At first I thought about a shader with 2 input textures: one with the car paint and another with scratches all over the car and make some blend on impact zones. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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