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  1. i think i need to learn c# before doing that right ?
  2. what do you mean in-house technology, i don't understand, did they create their own game engine from scratch ?
  3. what game engine did they use to create crash of the titans ? i like how fun ps2 games was, and the fact that they were limited yet the gameplay had no problem
  4. my goal is to create a small game like super mario just a platformer game, but small, and i thought if i do the game all with coding and not use unity or other legendary game engines, creating it from scratch would improve my programming skills even though i don't know any programming languages, but i will learn one and then will do a game from scratch and i will make all the assets for the game this way i will no longer be a beginner and i will advance in making more small games or just challenge myself you asked what my goal is, if you mean my main goal, i want to be a platform developer and i have a idea for making a 3d battle game but i wont think about this until i call myself a game developer
  5. i download unity 2d game kit which you can learn things from it, i will see how it works and i will learn, if that works and i learn a bit i will make my own small game and that's gonna help me even more. thanks to you both for that advice i really appreciated it
  6. i have 2 methods, method 1: watch "how to make 2d games tutorial series" and do the same thing so i will learn to do my game later method 2: start making my assets and art and get free music, soundtracks then put them into unity and get them together and script (i don't know how to script) sorry for being annoying
  7. i tried to make a 2d game in unity, following a tutorial series but it hurt my stomach, i had errors and bugs and weird things, and i didn't learn anything about programming language just the same things that don't even count (if statements), i want to learn a programming language that i will use later for my game engine, i don't know where to start, should i know everything about it (programming language)
  8. i am a beginner and i want to learn how to make 2d pixel games from scratch, i want to know what programming language i should learn, what to know, i will design my own assets and do my own art and get sound effects, but for now i just don't know how to program and i don't know where to start. as you need to be a good programmer to make games from scratch i wonder how i will be good at it, i don't know if i should learn all the programming language or i need to know the parts that i will use, but i know that making game from scratch will improve your programming skills and it's better, most of the pixel games i googled they made their own game engine i thought i need to be a good programmer to do that
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