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  1. Orlog

    Fold on Steam

    I'm gonna test it when this evening
  2. I do remember playing some text-game which were working on Sugar Cuve here a link : https://www.motoslave.net/sugarcube/2/docs/
  3. Orlog

    Game loop time management

    I also struggled with that at first. I would consider you to read/watch information about time-based & frame-based movement/animation/etc Little exemple :
  4. Well, if you ever used Blizzard Battle.net. Most of the game are like (i.e: Wow... ) An easy explanation is to download at first low quality assets and/or even make the game skip some elements since you will not be able to see them till midstage or whatever of the game. I remember in who I was trying to go through a portal, but didn't teleport because I didn't download the part behind it
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