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  1. IrfanZ

    Showing Problem solving skills

    I'm applying for a game play programming position as I have a background in programming. I have all my codes on Github for each of these games, and I've provided those links in my profile. I'm trying to figure out how to show those programming skills in this portfolio as it's all basically artwork. My guess is that with the glowing galaxa sphere I could discuss how I made it look programmatically like that for example.
  2. IrfanZ

    Showing Problem solving skills

    I already have a portfolio set up for myself and continually adding more stuff daily. I was talking about going beyond that. If you wanted to see my portfolio it's at: android.tritongames.site Maybe you guys can give some feedback
  3. Hi guys I have a different question for a different job, one that for sure pays money. There are two responsibilities listed for the job: 1) "Work on challenging, non-trivial tasks in the game dev environment. 2) Work in an environment where code peer reviews are essential. You should be able to accept peer reviews in a professional, positive, and constructive way. Just like your colleagues will respond to your review. So I sought out their discord site where they talk about all the games that they are working on, find out information about any new updates for their games, and any issues that they are currently facing. I then contributed some of my knowledge on their discord site in their bugs and fixes channel. My question is that by contributing my knowledge to their discord site, does that show my ability to problem solving, work in the peer review environment?
  4. Yeah I know but so far, with my luck, they're the only company that responded back. Yeah you know my last in person interview was with appliedVR for an Android developer position. In that interview, I did an outstanding job showing them my stuff and know how. What happened was that it turns out that I didn't get the job because I didn't have sufficient actual work experience. If I did they would have hired me on the spot. That's also why I'm not be so picky about jobs.
  5. Guys I took a close look at the team members for LootKit Studios from the job posting. If my interview is with Josh Howard, then according to the following website it shows that he's a software developer and founder himself . So he knows the programming lingo. It is a small company comprised of 4 people not including any backers for the project. The questions that I've posted above are programming questions. However you guys make a good point that I should focus on the company itself. I also found on Indeed career advice website this paragraph: The questions that I wrote above are, according to this quote, were to impress the interviewer. That is what the article is telling me NOT to do. I think a much better question might be focused on the role itself. For example the position is Unity Software Developer. I'm proficient with Unity,PC, and Android and not so much for IOS. As I know that Unity can port to different platforms, I should ask if this is what he's looking for. I also know that he has currently a Unity Developer on the team and he's looking for a second Unity Developer. So a follow up question is how I can fit into the team? https://angel.co/loot-kit-studios/jobs
  6. Hi Fleabay, I understand what you're talking about now, it makes sense now. Thanks. This not only applies to this interview but others as well.
  7. Well the guy interviewing me is the founder and developer himself of the game. So you're saying that it would reflect negatively on my part if I start questioning his design practices? My intention was to show how much I know in a form of a question. Man glad I asked before hand.
  8. Hi guys, I'm a little nervous about this interview that I'm about to go for next week, and I'm planning questions to ask to the employer. I'm not sure if those questions are spot on or offensive? While watching how the game works online, I came up with a few questions: I can see that drawing a line from ship to landing spot was done using a line renderer component, but did you also use a Navigation component to make the ships follow the line to the landing spot? I've also noticed that the line drawn gradually changes to their respective colors. Is there some error checking that happens during that time frame to make sure the color of the ship matches the color of the landing spot? I'm applying for LootKit Studios interview, and they have this game already established for the PC called Cosmic Control. They are looking for an Unity developer. I'm trying to ask questions regarding how their game works. Would it back fire on me in some way or does it show that I'm interested in the project?
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