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    Need some ideas

    I've been creating a game for a few weeks now, but as I was creating the map I realized that it was a boring one... The game I'm creating is called Avalon Tales of the Brave, a 2D RPG turn-based game. It is based on the story of King Arthur (but mostly just refers to it) and how a corrupt evil has occurred and it is the player's mission to save the world of Avalon. The images attached are the Title, a few drawing of the characters and a small image of one of the levels of the map. The issue with the map is that there isn't really anything interesting about it. If my game was a side scroller, then it would be no problem, as I could add in obstacles along the way. You see, the way the player plays this game is that in a map, they roam around trying to find a gate that would lead them to the next level. Throughout the map, enemies would be roaming around. If the player comes into contact with the enemy, the player would be transitioned into a scene (image 6) where the player takes turns with the enemy to defeat them. Thus, if the map didn't have enemies, then it has nothing else to offer. I just need help with some ideas that I could add to make the game more interesting. Thanks!
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