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    OpenGL Point light

    Hey guys, I'm having a little trouble with my point light. My light is working but the light source moves when I move my camera. I've been trying all week to fix it but at my wits end. Maybe I haven't converted it to the proper space. **VERTEX SHADER** in vec3 positions; in vec2 texCoords; in vec3 normals; out vec2 pass_texCoords; out vec3 mvVertexNormal; out vec3 mvVertexPosition; uniform mat4 projectionMatrix; uniform mat4 modelViewMatrix; uniform mat4 normalMatrix; void main() { pass_texCoords = texCoords; vec4 mvPos = modelViewMatrix * vec4(positions, 1.0); mvVertexNormal = mat3(normalMatrix) * normals; mvVertexPosition = vec3(modelViewMatrix * vec4(positions, 1.0)); gl_Position = projectionMatrix * mvPos; } **FRAGMENT SHADER** in vec2 pass_texCoords; in vec3 mvVertexPosition; in vec3 mvVertexNormal; out vec4 out_colour; struct Material { int hasNormalMap; int hasTexture; vec3 diffuse; vec3 ambient; vec3 specular; float reflectivity; }; struct PointLight { vec3 position; vec3 colour; float intensity; }; uniform sampler2D our_texture; uniform Material material; uniform vec3 ambientLight; uniform float specularPower; uniform PointLight pointLight; uniform vec3 viewer_position; vec4 calculateLight(PointLight light, Material material, vec3 position, vec3 normal) { // AMBIENT vec3 ambient = ambientLight * light.colour; // DIFFUSE vec3 norm = normalize(normal); vec3 lightDir = normalize(light.position - position); float diff = max(dot(norm, lightDir), 0.0); vec3 diffuse = diff * light.colour; // SPECULAR vec3 viewDir = normalize(viewer_position - position); vec3 reflectDir = reflect(-lightDir, norm); float spec = pow(max(dot(viewDir, reflectDir), 0.0), 32); vec3 specular = specularPower * spec * light.colour; vec3 result = (ambient + diffuse + specular); return vec4(result, 1.0); } void main() { vec4 lightResult = calculateLight(pointLight, material, mvVertexPosition, mvVertexNormal); out_colour = texture(our_texture, pass_texCoords) * lightResult; } The light source is coming from the cube in the red circle. Even the first picture the light isnt directly under the cube. If I don't move my camera and have the cube light source move around automatically the the light will stay with it. It's only if I move the camera that I get problems. The second picture i've moved my camera to the left and the light is moving with me and moving away from the cube light source.
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