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  1. Cool Racoon

    How can i create a Fighting Game?

    Yes i'm looking for something predetermined, but if there isn't something like that, i guess i can try to program the features but you know how to program them? Because i just have the idea, and a few characters i made but just made them in excel, i used the squares to simulate the hitboxes. Which engine its better, unreal or unity?
  2. Cool Racoon

    How can i create a Fighting Game?

    I've looked at various engines but i can't find one that works like this, bc the game is based on a squared floor, every hitbox and character position is based on squares. The idea is to play in a 40x40 squares stage, so characters can freely move, not looking for specific hitboxes, just a general square hitbox, so if the player is standing on a certain square, the opponent can make an attack that approaches the square where the other player is standing, and it will hurt it and push it to another square.depending on the knockback. Im new to the game dev, i barely know how can i do it and which tools i need to animate, its the first game i'm going to make. Do you know any engine that can work? Thanks.
  3. Cool Racoon

    How can i create a Fighting Game?

    where can i find the link to that forum?
  4. Hey, i'm new to the game developing, i have this idea of a basic fighting game, looking for a platform or an application where i can create this. The idea of the game is simple, but i don't know where can i develop this game. The game would be a 1vs1, 2vs2 or 3vs3. Every character will have its own HP stat, Movement Speed stat and Jump Speed stat, the game is based on turns, so if it is your turn you can move freely depending on your movement speed and jump speed, and you can also use 4 attacks per turn. The game is based on squares, like playing chess, the range of the attacks is calculated by squares and the movement speed of the characters is calculated by squares which can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal depending on the character. For example this is an idea of what movement speed should be like, if player 1 has 5 speed points and player 2 has 6 speed points. Jump Speed works as an additional movement speed, but you can use specific attacks while jumping. If you want to face another direction you will lose 1 movement speed point. Now with the movement speed explained, i will explain how attacks will work. Attacks are also based on squares, the range of the attack to be precise. Every character will have 5 types of attacks, which are, Charged Attacks, Special Attacks, Tilt Attacks, Aerial Attacks and Grab Attacks. Each attack will have its own range, damage, knockback and launch direction. If the opponent has 10 HP and your attack has 3 damage points, your opponent will lose 3 of its HP, and the game won't finish untill the opponent loses all of its HP. Charged Attacks are the strongest attacks, usually they have an average or high knockback. Special Attacks have neutral damage, and can also include movement speed while using them. Tilt Attacks are weak attacks that usually have low knockback so you can combo on them if you are close to the opponent. Aerial Attacks have neutral damage, and can only be used while performing a jump. And finally Grab Attacks, drags your opponent in front o you and it will perform an attack, you can add extra damage to your Grab Attacks, but you will lose your attack turns. This is the list of attacks available per category: - Charged Attacks: Forward Charged Attack, Up Charged Attack, Down Charged Attack. - Special Attacks: Forward Special Attack, Up Special Attack, Down Special Attack. - Tilt Attacks: Forward Tilt Attack, Back Tilt Attack, Neutral Tilt Attack, Up Tilt Attack, Down Tilt Attack. - Aerial Attacks: Forward Aerial Attack, Back Aerial Attack, Neutral Aerial Attack, Up Aerial Attack, Down Aerial Attack. - Grab Attacks: Forward Grab Attack, Back Grab Attack, Up Grab Attack, Down Grab Attack. Each of this attacks will be different on each character. If your opponent is behind you and you dont have any movement speed to change your position, you can perform a Back Attack, because the hitbox usually is behind you. Up Attacks usually launches the opponent vertically, if the Up Attack with vertical launch has low knockback, you can combo with other moves without moving, but if the Up Attack has high knockback, the opponent can perform an air dodge, to any direction, but vertical launching moves with high knockback can early K.O the opponent even if the opponent hasnt lost all of its HP. There are different types of hit boxes, each of them works differently. - Hit Box: Causes damage. - Additional Hit Box: Causes additional damage. (Only certain attacks have additional hit boxes) - Character Hit Box: Causes damage also in the player box. - Air Hit Box: Causes damage only when your opponent is in the air. - Alternate Hit Box: Causes damage if you choose to. (Only certain attack can have alternative hit boxes, like blasting attacks) - Trip Box: The squares your character is moving while performing an attack. - Drag Trip Box: The same as Trip Box but it drags your opponent with you while you are using the attack. - Alternate Trip Box: The squares your character will move if you choose to. - Grab Box: The range of the grab, to perform a Grab Attacks, works almost like a Hit Box. (But will have a special animation) This is the idea of how the hit box will work, of two different attacks. In which the Player 1 uses an attack with 2x6 squares hit box and Player 2 uses an attack with 1x4 squares hit box. This is an example of Player 1 using a Charged Attack with 2x6 squares hitbox on Player 2 that has 5 knockback squares. This is an example of Player 1 using an Special Attack on Player 2, that has a Trip Box and a 1x6 square hitbox that has 4 knockback squares. This is an example of Player 1 using an Special Attack on Player 2, that has a Dragging Trip Box and a 1x6 square hitbox that has 4 knockback squares. This is an example of Player 1 using an Up Tilt Attack on Player 2, that has a 1x1 hitbox with very low knockback, and causes a vertical launch to the opponent. This is an example of Player 1 using an Up Tilt Attack on Player 2, that has a 1x1 hitbox with high knockback, and causes a vertical launch to the opponent. But the high knockback let the opponent to air dodge to the right. (Air dodge has 3 movement squares) (If Player 2 had less than the half of its HP it would instanlty K.O it) This is an example of Player 1 using a Back Grab on Player 2, with a 1x2 Grab Box and 7 knockback squares. This is an example of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, that's similar of what i plan the game to look like. But with a more cartoon look like this, it's just an idea. I accept suggestions. Thanks for reading my post, that's the basic idea of the game, i tried to be very simple with the explanation, but if someone its interested on more details i can give them by message. Which platform i can use to develop this game, that works with squares, and damage, HP, attacks, etc.
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