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  1. InTheBeef

    Pixel Artist Looking For A Small Team

    I understand you say 2D, but In the event you have some need for 3D assets (special effects / 2.5D etc), I'd be happy to work with you. Find me on twitter or discord (InTheBeef#1252).
  2. 3D Artist, fairly amateur but interested. No good with Blender, zero experience animating (Can still rig models, willing to learn) InTheBeef#1252
  3. As stated, I'm looking for potential opportunities to just learn &/or recieve income, as well as make some game dev friends! I am an eager to learn amateur, my only experience is in modding Nintendo games (Zelda Wind Waker, or ALTTP) using primarily Autodesk 3DS Max. I doubt I could create high detail models or textures, I much prefer simplistic characters with solid color, often cel shading. I believe I am decent at optimizing models and textures, I am not very familiar with code but I'm not dumb (In the event file formats need to be converted, etc). I can attempt to create low detail sprites and adhere to specific palettes. (24x40 pixels maximum) I have not yet put together a portfolio, and intend to in future. If you would like for me to try and work with you, you can contact me at twitter.com/InTheBeef or InTheBeef#1252 (discord). note if you view my media on twitter you can see a few things I've made/modified.
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