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  1. Tarrasque

    Skill Level??

    Yes, new the coding as a potential career. Been quite the hobbyist though but always felt I needed the confidence of a degree before making a go of it as a profession. I wanted to thank everyone for their feed back so far. It has helped me become more confident in my ability to apply to some of the positions out there with more confidence and has pointed out some areas I need to improve on along the way. I know this lesson all to well. Missed a few opportunities in my life because I never let them know I was there an interested. So I agree with you that it is very important to apply so they see your name as a possible candidate, but I also want to make sure I can at least tread water in an interview.
  2. Tarrasque

    Skill Level??

    Not a thing, but wouldn't make more sense to apply for a position I know I qualify for rather than guessing at it?
  3. Tarrasque

    C++ Skill Level??

    Being new to this field I find it interesting whenever I see the job requirements such as .. "Strong C++ programming ability" or "Solid knowledge and experience using C++" or "Solid C/C++ programming skills" How does one really know how to determine their own skill set? More importantly, how does one know what the potential employer means when they use the word "strong"?
  4. Hello, I am new to game development and am 4 courses away from obtaining an undergraduate degree in the field where I am specializing in game play programming. The course I am currently in is designed to help us with the transition period from being a student and entering the job search and making this passion a profession. By the end of the course I should have a pretty good start on what will become a portfolio. This course is what actually brought me to this site and suggested it would be a great place to get support and to provide support when our skill level was up enough to be able to help others. So first, I would like to say hello to anyone who has taken the time to read my very first post here and a special thanks to anyone that replies with any feedback at all. I really do appreciate any and all help or criticism. We were asked to create a proof of concept this week and will eventually need to create a prototype that illustrates our skills in programming. I always want to push myself to see what I can accomplish and decided to come up with an inventory system. I am not sure if it is an original thought, but I feel it would be unique enough to help me stand out from the crowd. At least I hope. The concept is that a player can equip and fill a backpack. They can then drop the filled backpack and all the items will remain accounted for within it. The play can then pickup another backpack and repeat this process. It is important to note that if this is used in a multiplayer game, that another player can loot that filled backpack or pick it up and equip it. The question and support I am asking for is more in the realm of guidance. I have searched several places and have not had much luck in finding a good reference to build off from when it comes to developing a complex inventory system that is essentially independent from the player character. Would anyone have any tips or resource suggestions that may help me narrow the search down? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It might be important to note I plan on making the prototype using C++ within the Unreal Engine. Thanks again for the time it took to read this post and I look forward to any feedback. Happy Gaming Devan Luciano
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