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  1. Nevermind, I found a solution ! Just had to make smaller corners and have all the floor tiles square [img][/img]
  2. Hey guys ! It's the first time I try to model tilable assets for a game and I'm having a slight problem. I've followed an awesome tutorial which can be found here: [url=""]http://www.thiagokla...vironments.html[/url] I made similar wall tiles and corners rounding inwards and outwards and I noticed the problem as soon as I tried creating floor tiles that should fit. This is how it looks right now: [attachment=11062:Temp.jpg] I have 2 types of floor tiles, one type which includes 2 different tiles of slightly slimmer tiles that are close to walls and another type of a square tile that should fill all the areas that are not touching the walls. In the examples I selected the 2 problematic wall and floor tiles. If I would not to use them at all and create a square or rectangle room everything would work fine but as soon as they're in, the floor tiles are not ending at the same spot. The problematic corner tiles are exactly like the other corner tiles but are arched to the opposite side and for a floor tile to fit it it has to be bigger so it would fit. I can make the corner tiles a lot wider so all of the tiles would be square tiles and then it would work but I don't want to use such wide corners (actually now that I think about it, it would probably cause the exact same problem because the problematic floor tiles would even get bigger compared to the others). Anyone has an idea? Thanks a lot ! [img][/img]
  3. Thanks guys ! Some of these seem very suitable, currently choosing between Jira and Redmine. Thanks a lot !
  4. Hey guys, we're a group of 8 that are about to begin a game project. I'm looking for a freeware (or a cheap 1 time fee) production managing software/system which is web based that would suit our needs. I've been looking at the different options at [url=""][/url] and found some that seem relevant but not perfect, I was wondering if anyone here is experienced with those things and knows of a good suitable system. I'm looking for a system that is able to redirect user specific tasks for each user, have it ordered by priority, have different status levels, be separated to different assets and able to handle uploaded pictures, replies and progress in general. In other words, something that would be suitable for game design which includes graphical assets. Any suggestion would be most appreciated, thanks a lot !