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  1. WrenchCrowbar

    'Neuronica' Space shooter: asking for your feedback.

    Hi Lorenzo, A fair point indeed. We will see if we can release some updated weaponry etc in a future update. Kind regards, Wrench
  2. WrenchCrowbar

    'Neuronica' Space shooter: asking for your feedback.

    Heya Lorenzo, First of all, thank you for continued testing of our new builds and helping us with your feedback. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I made a little stream about build 22 with some comments: As to your comments that the ship is slow and unresponsive: Please take into consideration there will be more powerful engines (and weapons) available as upgrades within the game so you will not start with the best option for now. Kind regards, Wrench
  3. WrenchCrowbar

    'Neuronica' Space shooter: asking for your feedback.

    Hi all, There is a new build out for testing and feedback. Thank you for all your input so far it really makes us think in different ways and approaches which in the end is what we want to achieve. Kind regards, Wrench Direct Download: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&confirm=VDi5&id=1fKgoBeyDeTrCWTHhLBJOXfC6TkPVZlzl
  4. WrenchCrowbar

    'Neuronica' Space shooter: asking for your feedback.

    Hi Justin, Thank you for your feedback and the video you made of it. It was certainly interesting to see our little game 'through the eyes' of a fellow gamer. (That proud moment!) I like your idea of gravitational pull, not sure it will be implemented, but it is something we did not thought of ourselves so thank you for that. Again, thank you for taking the time and effort to do your little test run. Kind regards, Wrench crowbar (Cavemen Studios) .
  5. WrenchCrowbar

    'Neuronica' Space shooter: asking for your feedback.

    Hi All, Thank you so much for taking the time and looking at our little game. I have seen some valuable feedback here! Absolutely happy with this so keep it coming please:-) In the meantime we will work on improvements where possible. Kind regards, Wrench (Cavemen Studios)
  6. Hello everyone, We are Cavemenstudios and we are in the process of shaping up our first game 'Neuronica' We made it as a retro shooter and as our first product we would like some peer feedback from everyone. It can be the music, the sound effect, gameplay, anything you can come up with would be greatly appreciated. Our website: www.cavemenstudios.com Direct Download on our site: http://www.cavemenstudios.com/spacegame.php YouTube Sample: Thank you in advance:-)
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