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  1. Quote:Original post by Rubicon Sounds like one config has the CRT as linkable and the other config has it static. The bigger one is bigger, but the smaller one means you need to redistribute the MSVC redist anyway, so I always link it right in whatever. It's all using the DLL CRT. This is for a library for redist isn't an issue.
  2. Quote:Original post by Codeka CEGUI generates a 200MB static library for me :) My final exe compiles down to about 3.4MB at the moment, though, so I'm not too worried. That's release mode. In debug mode, I actually get smaller .libs and larger .exes... I guess I'll have to accept it, then. I thought I'd been doing something basic wrong, but maybe I shouldn't be worrying.
  3. Quote:Original post by Konfusius A shot in the dark: template instantiations inside your static libs. There's very little templated code in the library, certainly not enough to account for the size. Quote:Original post by Nitage Comparing .libs and .dlls isn't a valid thing to do. The program responsible for stripping unused and duplicated code is the linker - and that isn't run until you link your .lib files into either a .dll or a .exe. As for release builds being bigger than debug builds, that's probably being caused by inlining. Ah, good to know. Nonetheless, it's a relatively small library (about 13k lines of code) and I can't see how the resultant static lib is twice the size of say, OGRE's (which is a huge library with over a million lines).
  4. The DLLs for my library are small (200k for release, 800k for debug), yet when I compile it statically, this shoots up to 6.5Mb for debug and 9.5 for release. I can't find any setting (VC2005) that could be affecting this, and am surprised that the release build is larger than debug. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. SS2 can be a complete pain to get working multiplayer. Hamachi isn't essential, but certainly helps a lot of people. You can drop by #systemshock on StarChat, that's where most of the SS fans hang out.
  6. Shouldn't this thread be in the Humour Portal?
  7. Deus Ex (yet another vote). So here's a pic of my second favourite: Ultima Underworld II
  8. I dislike receiving presents. Partly because I feel guilty about having wasted things I was 'given' before (like tens of thousands of pounds worth of education), but also because I'm highly likely to get something I don't want. Simple, 'easy' presents like food, gift vouchers etc are fine, and what I generally ask for. It's when my family try to get clever and buy something that they think reflects my personality/interests that things get ugly. My stepmother bought me a book on anime solely because I said I liked Neon Genesis, and I had to hide my pained expression and assure her it was wonderful. Now she probably has the horrifying idea I'm some otaku furry, and I'm (not) looking forward to a squirrel suit with elf ears this time round. Bottom line: if I ask for nothing, that doesn't merely mean I can't think of anything I want: it means I don't want to receive anything. I dunno, Christmas just rubs me the wrong way.
  9. The overturned bin is probably Garbage.
  10. God.
  11. Quote:Original post by BlackSheep For a start, the test has literacy as a prerequisite Proper apostrophe usage obviously doesn't fall under 'literacy'. /rant
  12. Quote:Original post by Ysaneya According to Epic, it was not real time. Quote: In addition to the Sony demos being shown by Phil Harrison, the Epic and EA presentations were the only third party portions actually running on the PS3 in real-time. But most of those movies, which I probably watched 3 or 4 during rehearsals for the event, look very achievable and some were probably rendered on the actual box but in non-real-time. Y. That actually sounds like it was realtime - it's like saying "along with the Sony demos, the Epic and EA demos were realtime, but the rest weren't." I don't believe him, though [smile]
  13. Al Gore also invented the environment.
  14. Channel 5 are showing the PartyPoker.com invitational at the moment. It's usually on around midnight. Great stuff, and the commentators are brilliant. I used to play poker in casinos (strictly for fun) now and again, but I don't think I'd ever play online (ie seriously).
  15. Goatse and Tubgirl aren't really bad at all. Once you calm down and realise that no-one's getting hurt, they're completely harmless. It's the images of mutilated people that are really nasty, moreso because of the element of Schadenfreude involved with them.