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  1. frozen.dragonfly

    21 Days of VGM Challenge - Starting April 1st

    And the next challange is starting July 1st.
  2. frozen.dragonfly

    21 Days of VGM Challenge - Starting April 1st

    Good job, sir.
  3. frozen.dragonfly

    21 Days of VGM Challenge - Starting April 1st

    @Ada Maskil Hey, great hear you enjoyed the challenge. Have you end up finishing everything on time? If so, congratulation.
  4. frozen.dragonfly

    21 Days of VGM Challenge - Starting April 1st

    Nice. Don't worry @nsmadsen The challenge comes every two three months, so I can join next time. I am skipping this time too.
  5. frozen.dragonfly

    21 Days of VGM Challenge - Starting April 1st

    Great, some new folks are joining us. How are you doing so far?
  6. Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you guys know about the new 21 Days of VGM music challenge that is going to start April 1st 2019, yes, very soon. What is it, are you asking? Back in July of 2017, Dan Hulsman challenged the VGM Academy community to make composing new music (2-4 bars or more) into a habit by writing something new every day for 21 days straight - no excuses. And the community did not disappoint. Hundreds of composers joined in on the fun and challenge, composing little snippets, short sketches, or even fully-produced tracks for 3 weeks straight. So if you want to part of that and challenge yourself, now is the right time. The link below (no pun intended) will lead you to a sign up page. Upon signing up, you'll receive a care: The Composition Quest Log: Level 1 - a PDF of game-themed composition prompts; The #21DaysofVGM workbook (for those of us who still prefer putting pen to staff paper!) A link to request access to the VGM Academy private Facebook group (if you aren't in already); Throughout the challenge, you'll unlock more Composition Quest Logs, receive daily tips, and other challenges/opportunities. ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE: Join the 21-Day Composition Challenge
  7. frozen.dragonfly

    What do you do to stand out as a music composer?

    Well, I am not in the position to give much advice. I am the one learning here. I came to do exactly what you were talking about, conect with other composers, give feedback on their work, potentially get some feedback too, but mostly just to talk about our craft. We all love it, so that's what connects us naturally. And we love games too, that's another connection right there. So I think I am doing it right, at least for the starter. One thing that I still have in mind and which I am not sure where I have heard, or maybe read, I wish I knew and could tell you....maybe you can actually tell me....don't ask people to "give you a job", turn it over and actually offer something to them. Ask "what can I do for you" Now when I write it like that it sounds really cheasy and exactly what a shop assistent ask you when you enter any kind of shop....what can I do for you. But I don't mean it as a blunt welcome phrase. I mean it. My idea is to see what that person is making, understand it and help it be better. Now I think that's a clear thing, everyone wants to do that in the end...even the ones asking for job, but it's the attitude that I think might make a difference. It's more of a comment to myself, than giving advice or anything. So, note to myself...don't be a douchebag and try to help people. 🙂
  8. frozen.dragonfly

    VGM Academy

    Hi everyone, I have reached out to @nsmadsen to ask if it's okay to post this and he agreed to go ahead. It sort of is a "promo" post, but not really. The thing I wanted to point you to is a site VGM Academy and it's related FB group VGM Group It is a site directly writing about a thing we all love, videogame music. Dan Hulsman, the owner of the site gather around him a group of likeminded people and musicians who are very positive and always trying to help each other out. You can join either our FB group or our "private" group in Mighty Networks where you can watch past composer interviews (Darren Korb and SHota Nakama) or go through his writing lessons which are also great. So if you feel like you would like to join a group of likeminded composers and vgm lovers, we will be more than happy to welcome you. P.S. I have no relation to leadership of that group or site, I am only a regular member that found this place and thought we might "join the forces".
  9. frozen.dragonfly

    Looking for feedback

    That is so hard to say without the project itself. For some games, this type of huge orchestral pieces just won't cut it. Or may not be as fitting as, for example, a chip tune, or a simple piano piece or an ambient track, if you know what I mean. And I can imagine the director for the game may have a specific vision for the sound for his game that he would like you to follow. I don't think there is something I would change composition-wise. Maybe someone else will have a different opinion. P.S. One thing you may want to look into, if you haven't already, is interactive music. Softwares like FMod or Wwise.
  10. frozen.dragonfly

    Showreel Feedback

    Hi guys, will throw in some of my 2 cents. Well, both of them 🙂 I vote for shortening the first ostenato in your orchestral reel too. I totally get what you are going for by placing something driving energetic right on the beginning and it sort of works for a short moment, but then I am missing some lead melody to hold it together. Either shortening it or recompose (is that a word?) to elevate it to the next ...level, right. Just as Nate, I really like the next songs in that real, the sound feels a bit muddy to my ears (could totally be my tired old ears at 2AM), but the compossition is great. As for the chiptunes, I will never be able to make those. And I tried Love the second track it has that right groove. The sound is great, you got this down. What are you using? A "real" GameBoy/SID thing or VST like Super Audio Boy or QuadraSID?
  11. frozen.dragonfly

    Feedback Fantasy Track Feedback Request

    Hi Matt, listened to both of the versions of the song. I liked the sound of the strings better in the version 1 and the harp sound in version 2. I also think a bit of some rythmic element would help the song to keep the momentum or develop it. Maybe not necessarily big drums, but maybe a simple string ostenato, wouldn't need to be full volume either. Or maybe make a hybrid with digital bass under all the strings your have there. Overall I quite like the piece. It is calming and sets the "fantasy,,,exploration" tone nicely.
  12. frozen.dragonfly

    Looking for feedback

    Hello Berend, fellow composer here. I think your music sounds awesome and is totally usable in game, either as in trailer or durinf manu, or cinematic. Will listen to more of your stuff, I followed you on soundcloud too. Hope to talk to you in the future.
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