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  1. Altadsa

    Setting up Remote Job

    I mean at the minute, my project lead would view my role as part time, fewer than 24 hours a week. When I go back to university after finishing my internship I'll still need a part time job to survive, and in my opinion it would be better to work part time in an area that will benefit my career instead of distracting me from it e.g retail assistant. More importantly, if I understand it correctly, it would be up to me to decide when I would do work (with the exception of scheduled calls etc.) So it would be much more flexible to fit around my studies in comparison to fixed rotas in regular part time work.
  2. Altadsa

    Setting up Remote Job

    Thanks for the reply Tom. My question in regard to insurance was that my boss mentioned what would happen in the event of me becoming ill and being unable to work, and how I would be insured against that. But I guess that would be outlined in the contracting agreement.
  3. Finishing up my year internship as a Unity developer at the end of August. My boss and I were talking about keeping me on the project afterwards as a remote developer (though his company wouldn't be able to register me as an employee so it would be more like contract work). While he said he would need to talk to his boss about it (to sort out pay etc.). I was wondering how I would even go about setting it up from my end. I'll still be at University when I finish the internship in August, so it would be more like part-time work. The issue is that I normally live in the UK while the company is based in Switzerland so I have no idea how it works when it comes to taxes etc. Is it technically possible to work remotely this way, and if so, what would I need to find out in advance (in regards to taxes, working regulations and insurance)? Cheers
  4. Thanks for the replies, the information you gave me was really helpful: I had a read through your articles and must admit they were fantastic reads, very funny in a blunt way (and sadly quite relatable). I think in future if I have any more queries I just pull up one of your articles. :) This was actually quite a relief to know. I had no idea Ubisoft regularly recruited for such a program. Sadly I'm currently doing my placement year and still have 2 more years left of school before I can apply. On the bright side that's plenty of time to become a better developer. Really appreciate the replies Cheers Adam
  5. Hey I'm new to this site so if I'm breaking any forum rules let me know. A little bit about me: I'm an Irish student currently studying an extended degree in Computer Science, and currently on placement in Switzerland working on a game development project. I've always dreamed of working in a AAA studio like any student who wants to make games, but the industry is almost non-existent in Ireland. I had always planned to apply for internships at North American studios between my 3rd and 4th year of uni (i.e. apply at the end of the year) with a dozen or so smaller projects and a handful of larger, more complex projects displaying my competency in both C# and C++. I'm currently working on that in addition to soaking up as much knowledge as I can about game development (lifecycle, design patterns and principles etc.). Thing is, I occasionally hear about the difficulty in getting a job in NA, be it an internship, associate or even senior level role in a company if you don't have the right to work there. If anyone can shine some light on the subject for me (and possibly give me some advice), that would be great. If my chances are slim or nonexistent in getting a junior role at a North American studio, and there isn't any industry in Ireland to apply to when I graduate, then what options do I have? I know that there are studios in England and Scotland but even there I'd imagine they would give preference to local candidates. Cheers Adam
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