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  1. Aveneia

    Collapsing buildings in top down game

    I like the idea of a flashing indicator letting the play know if the danger. But some sort of animation where the building foundation jiggles or rotates back forth to indicate the danger. Sound effects could also play a part in the immersion
  2. One idea could that your five party members are prisoners that have be falsely imprisioned but the king has a soft heart and will allow the party out of jail to find proof of their innocence. The players will win the game once they defeat the last area where the boss confesses to the crimes
  3. Aveneia

    Random Drop Rate problem

    I like the idea of a fail counter. Each time the player fails at acquiring the item, a counter is increased which is added to the static 5%. This counter is then reset after each successful acquisition. I am not sure if I like the idea of starting the initial climb from a fail modifier of less than zero, but testing should prove which method will work the best. It just depends on how quickly you want your players to gain the weapon fragments.
  4. I am running a browser based game written in PHP. The game genre is a Nation Simulator. In the game, players build a simulated nation by buying skill points, purchasing technologies, trading with each other. Players can also hurt each other by using the in game war system. Currently, the game allows players to create simple Alliances. The only only actions player can do in regards to alliances is create, join, drop, kick. Since the game is brand new, the player base is small, but on our official forums I have posted a thread soliciting game design ideas for an in-game alliance system. I feel that if players contribute to that game mechanic it will help the players feel invested in the game. At this time, I want to extend the game design opportunity to this community and see what kind of ideas we can stir up that I could possibly incorporate into Aveneia, The game I am currently running. I would like to hear from designer and players alike. Specifically players who have managed Guilds / Alliance / Clans in other games. What tools do you need / want as a player running a player group? in the context of what is already in the game, what type of activities would you like your Alliance to be able to do? One idea that I have heard before is to make some sort of territory / item to have alliances fight over. The winner of a weekly conflict gains possession of the territory / item and reaps some sort of in game bonus for having possession of it. At the end of the week, another fight happens and the territory is up for grabs again. Perhaps the community could elaborate on this idea. For a little context, you can check out my game at https://www.aveneia.com as a guest player (no sign up required) and return here for a discussion.
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