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  1. I guess just do t say that I was the one who made irrlicht?
  2. 1. Nehe 2. Morrowland are there any other old legacy OpenGL tutorials that you know of that have some cool techniques? P.S. thank you and everyone in this forum for helping me! they include: VoxycDev WhiskyAndCode 1024 and _WeirdCat_
  3. Yeah. A few years back I wrote an entire Real Time Strategy game in DirectX 9, which is almost my age. Thank you!
  4. Ok! It may get taken off later, but it will be there for a long time. this will happen when I redo the website.
  5. I could, if you want, mention you on my website.
  6. I am considering using Irrlicht engine. If I do end up using it, what would I have to do when I release the game? Would I have to a)give out the source code b)put a copyright notice with the game and in the game c)just put it in the code d)none of the above If none of the above, could I just release it without giving credit(I wouldn't do that, but I just want to know what my minimums are when it comes to giving credit when releasing the game).
  7. I made a game in OpenGL 3.3 (I know, it is strange that I am working on something so new!). I ran into no errors, and was even adding some new screens when I came across an issue with my matrices. I uploaded a video about it showing the exact issue here (Ignore the Goldeneye models and music, it was just a funny test I could show to my friends that played Goldeneye) Here, it is demonstrated that the gun moves faster than the camera in every direction. How might I fix this? I can give out any code that you want me to. However, most of the code that positions the models is done with matrices from the GLM library. I have checked the other gamedev.net post about something similar, and it was of no help... (you can find it here)
  8. I am trying to make an OpenGL remake of some of the tricks that were used in the Goldeneye game from 1997 for the Nintendo 64. I have a SGI computer to give myself the full programming experience and a C compiler for the code. My only issue left, besides the game itself, is the issue with getting GLUT to work on the computer. I get an error that has to do with the -n32 and -o32 not being able to work together in the compiling. I have both the MipsPro compiler and the GCC compiler, and none of these work with GLUT. I can get OpenGL code working, but I have to use the crappy X11 library that nobody uses unless you are going to use Linux as a main computer (which not many people really do). I have all of the applications that I will need for editing and 3d modelling, but the last thing that I will need is for GLUT to start working so that I can begin the project without having to deal with the impediments of using the X11 library. Why am I using an SGI computer? It is for the SGI Indy community (nekochan) and the discord that I set up that includes me and some other dude trying to make a Nintendo 64 library with MIPS assembly. As you may know, I cannot use the Nintendo 64 SDK because it is illegal and I can be put in federal prison for using it and sued for 2 million dollars. How can I fix this? Nobody on the SGI computer discord will help me, so this is the next place I went to. Some more information: The SGI computer that I use can connect to the internet (I had to set it up), but it uses Netscape Navigator, which means that most of the sites that I visit for the files I will need are out of my reach, which means that I have to move to other websites (mostly FTP sites) such as irix.cc. How can I fix this so I can finish the program for the community to put on the FTP site?
  9. Are there any books that can help me with my OpenGL issue of not being able to make a Gun follow the camera on the screen?
  10. I don’t have anything else... The code compiles, the game returns an error because I don’t have images... it is doing what it is supposed to. thanks! (if you are wondering what the error is, it is just getting the size in memory of the ACK engine. It says the engine is NULL) i think it it is time to let it go into the waste in of the ‘90s, where it belongs. Also there is a modern version that fans have kept up. It is called GameStudio ACKNEX 8.
  11. Ok... It compiles well. Now, I have this error... It doesn’t matter now. I made a game with modern OpenGL.
  12. It... compiles.... IT REALLY WORKS!!! Thank you a million! I will mention you on the game website! (If you want me to)
  13. I am getting new errors. I switched to the compiler it was supposed to use: Borland C 3.1 (Turbo C 3.1). I have another book that talks about the ACK engine and it even says Borland 3.1.
  14. I did find a page of documentation, though about the ACK engine, and I am not getting the same errors anymore, but, this time, duplication Linker errors...
  15. ok I guess I will just throw away this code. It is completely worthless... It has way too many errors and there is a very little chance I will ever get it working.
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