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  1. Breakout The Dark Prison is an immersive role-playing action adventure game developed by Latersoft. All in all, "Dark Prison" impresses thanks to its rich cinematic story and impactful narrative. Additionally, the streamlined UI cultivates a user-friendly experience. All the while, its depth of combat coupled with a gratifying progression system create an addictive gameplay loop. In turn, this instills replay value and longevity. Are you ready…… For these reasons alone, you'll have no choice but to see the game through to its climactic end. Both visually impressive and technically sound, Breakout: The Dark Prison is a game that elevates the Android market to unprecedented heights. Those with a soft spot for action adventure will garner great joy from the game set to be a classic. After a catastrophic viral outbreak of unknown origin impacts Earth, humans affected by the fallout have mutated into hideous monsters. With humanity on the brink of collapse, bandits, sensing the opportune moment to strike, seize control during the period of unrest. Following the intro, we encounter a lone survivor fleeing the chaos. A vulnerable young girl is clinging on to her teddy bear for dear life. As she makes a desperate sprint in a bid to evade the deformed monstrosities infesting the streets, the plot soon thickens. Kidnapped by an elite mercenary group, the girl ends up at an off-shore facility shrouded in secrecy. Immediately, I invested in the story and became involved in the plight of this poor girl. Soon enough, it becomes clear that the girl is your Daughter. The reason for her abduction relates to her genetic immunity to the disease. At its heart, Breakout: The Dark Prison is a tale of love, loss and human sacrifice. A personal quest to risk all and, save a loved one despite the odds stacked firmly against them. Throughout the story, I was blown away by dynamic cutscenes, varied, multi-dimensional characters, and an undulating plotline, full of twists, turns, shocks, and surprises. As a result, I was more than content to see the game through to its conclusion. One of the Stand-out features of Breakout: The Dark Prison is its character customization. Frankly, I was surprised by the options open to the player. One major plus point is that it's not gender-locked. Thus, you can choose to be male/female. Also, the extensive array of customizable options exceeds those of a typical Android game. With six facial types per gender, each varied in appearance, you'll never look the same twice. Regardless of how often you play through the campaign. Better still, you can radically adjust facial features, from jawline shape to eye-color and lip size. All in all, the depth of its player creator-system allows for greater freedom — an essential asset for any true role-playing game. After the creation process is over, you'll need to assign abilities — another vital strength of the game. Initially, there are five abilities, each of which modifies your character stat sheet affecting your playstyle in numerous ways. For instance, the survival ability boosts maximum HP, while the athletic ability focuses on stamina gains. Alternatively, combat enhances strength and increases damage rate. Lastly, shooting improves accuracy while tanking provides resistance at the expense of stamina loss. Each of these skills plays a vital role in the events that follow — all in all, the stat-variables balance out nicely forcing you to weigh up the pros and cons of each ability. In turn, this gives each decision meaning. The Hunters Shelter acts as a hub, and base of operations. A safe zone from the horrors of the prison. Here, you can assign skill points and use vendors to buy things like weapons and items. Those items vary from healing potions to upgrades. Out in the field, you'll collect XP and coin from fallen soldiers. After gaining enough XP, you'll level up, granting a skill point — these also are attributed at a vendor, strikingly like Dark Souls in many respects. However, you’ll need to complete a few missions before upgrading any weapons. Once unlocked, the arms dealer George Patton allows you to craft and forge gear. So long as you have the appropriate items. All in all, I enjoyed the pace and progression of the game. Engaging with the NPC's, taking on new contracts and maxing out my arsenal was a blast. As a result, every second I spent back a base was a worthwhile investment. True to the genre, a core facet of the game is combat. In Breakout: The Dark Prison, you'll have to master the art of both defense and attack. To evade an enemy attack, players can dodge out the way at the touch of a button. What's more, the handy lock-on feature lets you strafe to keep a safe distance. Now we move to the combat itself. Firstly, Melee combat is slick and satisfying. Every slash, slice thrust, and jab feels visceral. Not to mention, those grizzly sound effects. Also, firearms pack just as much punch and can inflict equal amounts of pain. Tha
  2. The zombie survival horror genre is a sub-niche that has gained immense popularity during the last decade or so. Partly, because of "The Walking Dead," a television series that raised the profile of zombie-themed media as a marketable product. Though that could well be true, there are many games of the survival horror sub-genre. Some of them more successful than others. Now, with a big boom in the iOS/Android market many Developers are turning to the Android platform. To produce and showcase their wares. What with the fundamental, technological advances in recent years? That said, admittedly, there is no better time than now for a zombie, survival horror game to emerge on the iOS marketplace. Over the eras, there have been many excellent zombie survival games. Who can forget Joel and Ellie's emotional rollercoaster, The Last of Us? Or rather, the remake of Capcom's classic horror "Resident Evil 2." A game that went on to receive critical acclaim. Finally, we have the sick slaughterhouse that is Dead Rising. Well-known for its carnage and chaos in equal measure. All these games span across multiple platforms from Xbox to PS4. Only to have later gone on to establish themselves as iconic IP's. However, despite the genre permeating the console scene, there is little evidence of survival horror making headway in the Android market. That is, until now. Welcome to the stage Breakout: The Dark Prison, an exciting new action role-playing survival horror developed by the talented minds over at Latersoft. The game will be a cross-platform release. And will be gracing both the PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to the Nintendo Switch and the Apple and Google stores. A Strong Zombie Survival Story Nothing can mimic the magic of a decent story. On that note, Breakout: The Dark Prison immerses the player in a dystopian world. Full of unimaginable horrors. Within, a viral outbreak has plagued the world, rendering its inhabitants and those affected as vile abominations not fit for this earth. Just like the best zombie survival games, Breakout: The Dark Prison invites us to witness the effects of the virus first-hand with terrifying results. The Last of Us on both the PS3 & PS4 gave us insight into the outbreak. Thus, it's essential for the player to connect emotionally with the subject matter, and Breakout: The Dark Prison nails this aspect. Not only does it set the scene with deep post-apocalyptic themes but delivers a poignant story in the process — a touching tale about one father's quest to save his Daughter against all the odds. Gripping Gameplay Breakout: The Dark Prison cleverly mixes linear story progression with sprawling open-world environments. The result is a game that rewards the player with challenge-based risk and reward gameplay and narrative segments interwoven into the fabric of the game. True of any story-driven game, Breakout: The Dark Prison tells its yarn through high-end cinematics and dialogue via a rich array of NPC's. There's a lot more to Breakout: The Dark Prison than meets the eye. Underneath the visual splendor and pristine polish are the core systems. All of which drive this well-oiled machine. Similar to Dark Souls III on the PS4 and Xbox One, Breakout: The Dark Prison incorporates combat into character progression. As expected in any role-playing game, you'll combine layered hack n slash gameplay with skill attribution alongside ability acquisition. Also, prepare to bite the dust, and endure many a brutal boss fight. All part of the fun in Breakout: The Dark Prison. Not before long, you'll feel the game cement its hold on you. Both addictive and rewarding, Breakout: The Dark Prison is a title that pushes the player to the brink yet conjures gratifying results. That said, you'll be hooked in no time at all. All in all, Breakout: The Dark Prison is expected to raise the bar in terms of visual fidelity. Better still, its intricate gameplay systems grant the player great freedom — a concept little known about in the handheld market. In truth, the latest entry in the zombie survival genre is set to break and extend the limits of what's plausible in a video game. Lastly, we can't wait to put this game to the test and endure the perils and pitfalls of "Dark Prison" when it releases soon. Step forth if you dare. The game will be available on the Android and iOS Platform in this summer 2019. Stay tuned!
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  4. PS4 is one of the most profitable and prosperous consoles of all time. During its lifecycle, players have enjoyed many big-budget blockbusters. Some of which belong to the role-playing genre. For instance, Fromsoftwares Dark Souls III, or Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series, to name a few. What these games share in commonality, is core mechanics and intricate, in-game systems designed to promote the role-playing experience. Now, a new contender on the scene threatens to give those prominent PS4 games a run for their money. Welcome to the stage, Breakout: The Dark Prison. An exciting new entry into the action RPG genre. So, let's examine the game making great strides in the market. By stripping it down to the bare parts, we can reveal what similarities it shares with its PS4 peers. Many of the multi-faceted systems will be familiar to genre veterans. With that in mind, let's take a more in-depth look at the game revitalizing a genre. Brutal Boss Battles There are a few striking similarities with Dark Souls on the PS4, and these appear throughout Breakout: The Dark Prison experience. Almost all of them benefit the player. Mainly, these relate to the inclusion of boss battles. A vital ingredient of any great RPG is the boss fights it contains. Besides, boss battles can help issue a sense of challenge, provide purpose and aid progression. Thankfully, Breakout: The Dark Prison thrives in this regard. Impressively, bosses vary in style and creativity. What's more, each boss has a distinguished look, alongside a unique set of skills and character traits. In Breakout: The Dark Prison, each floor has a guardian or Lord Boss to defeat. Upon completion, you'll progress up the mission tiers. Better still, each fierce foe requires the player to deploy different tactics, should you wish to emerge the victor of the spoils. What's more, each boss gets progressively harder, the deeper you roam into the game. Just like Dark Souls on the PS4, final fights are brutally punishing, but offer a fruitful reward. The likelihood is, you'll die a dozen or so times before learning the power moves and patterns at play. Only upon knowledge of enemy strengths and susceptibilities, will you stand a chance of crushing the nemesis before you. For instance, The Dreaded Behemoth has a devastating leap attack and deals mass-damage with its duel-wielding swords. Despite this power, the beast is not very agile and moves in a cumbersome manner. Thus, allowing you to flank, evade and jab from behind. Controls Controls and their natural fluidity are essential in any action RPG. Besides, games like Assassin's Creed Odyssey on the PS4, rely solely on the responsiveness of controls and a smooth UI to support the action-packed gameplay on screen. Truthfully, clunky controls can ruin the immersion. As combat plays such a pivotal role, tight and finely-tuned controls can make or break an RPG game. Breakout: The Dark Prison boasts of a user-friendly control system which coincides with a streamlined UI. Both of which complement each other to produce an experience that's silky smooth. The button config is straightforward and easy to grasp. With simple touch-sensitive pads and large icons which initiate combat at the touch of a button, you can focus on the core game without the need to worry about button mapping, handling, and navigation. In tune with other action RPG's on the PS4, Breakout: The Dark Prison has a slick interface, making the game accessible and enjoyable to all. Graphics Visuals, though not vital, help give the game authenticity. All the while, graphics boost levels of immersion. Games like Dark Souls on the PS4, have a bold art direction. Hence, making the game stand-out and instilling a unique identity within. Breakout: The Dark Prison, emulates this element, with the standard of its visuals, which push Android operating systems to the limit of their capabilities. The result is distinctive visuals flushed with detail. Everything from the character models to the scenery possesses pristine polish and rich palettes of color. All of which help to set the scene and allow you to invest in Breakout: The Dark Prison. Much like those RPG's on the PS4. As you can see, Breakout: The Dark Prison contains all the components necessary to be a great RPG game. With super-tight controls, eye-popping visuals and brutal boss battle's, the game carries all the hallmarks of a classic role-playing title. Hopefully, the game can attain the heights of those that have set the benchmark on the PS4. Of course, the early indications are promising, looking ahead to the future. Surely, Breakout: The Dark Prison pledges to set the gold-standard when it hits shelves in the not too distant future. From what we know so far, Breakout: The Dark Prison has the potential to be a trailblazer of the genre, especially for the Android market.
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    Breakout the DarkPrison We are the expert of developing VR/AR Apps and mobile games. new action mobile phone game is called Dark Prison Story is after many years, an unknown virus has been widely spread in the world and only 20% population can survive. Your daughter has been identified with special DNA that can avoid virus. A group of bandits have captured your daughter to an isolated island - Dark Prison. The game story is to save your daughter from a Dark Prison and to reveal the hidden secrets behind the story.
  6. As you all know surviving the harsh realities of life in Dark Prison can be a tough business. That said, you'll need to get to grips with the systems at play to cultivate the best results. Breakout: The Dark Prison contains many multi-faceted role-playing elements. Thus, learning the ropes and getting accustomed to the deep mechanics will set you in good stead for the perils that lie ahead. To help you comprehend your quest, we've compiled a self-help guide of 5 tips for survival in breakout: The Dark Prison. Upon reading, you'll be well on your way to beating the game. Read on, for a handful of helpful hints and tips. Home Sweet Home In Breakout: The Dark Prison, there are two critical areas. If you're not out in the field, tackling the various missions, contracts, and side quests, you'll find yourself at the Hunters Shelter. A base of operations which acts as your hub away from home. Significant for many reasons, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the Hunters Shelter, as this is the epicenter of activity. Besides, you'll be spending plenty of time here. From NPC's to the various vendors and arms dealers, doing the rounds early on and establishing substantial grounds of communication, will help you master the game. In turn, this enables you to invest in the core experience — the first entry in our list of 5 tips for survival in Breakout: The Dark Prison. Manage Your Cargo Like most RPG's, Breakout: The Dark Prison involves item management. Often, you'll be cycling through your inventory, discarding obsolete items and picking up new things on the fly. However, there are a few vital factors to point out. Initially, you'll have a carrying capacity of up to 50 items. Albeit, you can upgrade the carry limit, but you'll need at least 50 gems to do so. And these are few and far between. At least early on. I recommend selling any duplicates, or decomposing items to create space, at least to start. There is nothing worse than coming across rare loot and being unable to pick up said piece due to carry restrictions. Number two, in our list of 5 tips for survival in Breakout: The Dark Prison. Distribute Ability Points Wisely As you level up by gaining XP via the completion of missions, you'll need to assign ability points at the Force Vendor. Here, you can top-up any of the six categories: Vigor (HP), Stamina (Endurance), Strength (Damage), Resistance (Protection), Accuracy and Intelligence. These offer permanent stat boots to relevant skills. However, once distributed, you cannot alter the stat sheet. Hence, it's wise to consider carefully before choosing the path you wish to take. Analyze Weapons & Gear You'll be picking up a lot of gear during Breakout: The Dark Prison. Some of it, more effective than others. But think twice before scrapping weapons and armor based on visual appeal — almost all of the armaments and firearms offer stat boosts and modifiers. For instance, many of the arms increase hit-rate or even inflict elemental damage such as lightning. Also, armor can improve resistance to elemental effects, as well as bolster toughness. With that in mind, it's critical to study items regularly and identify which ones will benefit your arsenal. The Quest for Lucrative Loot Although enemies do drop loot on occasion, you'll most likely encounter common types. The exception being item drops from bosses, but even that can be random. That said, the best method for attaining the rarest loot is via the tournaments. Upon completion of the first Lord, you'll unlock access to the arena. Here you may take part in PVP battles, with varying match types. From 1 VS 1 to Deathmatch and Team Fight scenarios, each will generate a fruitful reward. Not only will you gain rare loot, but you'll bank plenty of coins should you emerge the victor of the spoils — a great way to round-off this list of 5 tips for survival in Breakout: The Dark Prison. That concludes this list of 5 tips for survival in Breakout: The Dark Prison. There are many methods of execution, each with varying degrees of success. Hopefully, this guide gives you a head start in the game. Stay tuned for more handy hints in the future.
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