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    Most people don’t think there are any games other than clickers or auto-play games on mobile. They would be wrong. It can be hard to find them, but there are actual skill-based games available. There aren’t many devs out there who would be brave enough to make a Souls-like on mobile, but fortunately for those of us who zone onto Souls-like games like Artorias’s hitbox zones into us, there is a studio that has done just that. It takes a certain type of crazy to invite comparisons to games like Let It Die or Dark Souls, but Latersoft took that challenge and has come out the other side with a respectable, stamina management, whiff punishing action game for your phone.
    Dark Prison is a third-person action RPG that is available for both Apple and Android devices. It’s a highly addictive Souls-like and has great reviews. The premise is pretty straightforward. You are the parent of a precocious little girl. A deadly virus has decimated the population and it just so happens that your kid has an immunity. Obviously, she needs to get kidnapped. A dangerous mercenary group called “The Apostles” have snatched her. As the parent of the year nominee that you are, you head to rescue your child from these mercenaries. There are also other survivors that you can rescue for more resources to use in your quest to save your child. Fight through the hordes of intelligent enemies, zombies, and massive boss monsters. If you are worried that you won’t be able to dodge roll around the bad guys and mess them up, the game is compatible with Xbox and PS4 controllers.
    The graphics are top-notch, even for a mobile, and they take advantage of their art style by giving you in-depth character creation. There’s also a giant loot pool for you to enjoy, much like Let It Die. Take your fashion Souls to the next level on your phone. Design your ultimate Souls-like original character, and load them up with epic gear. Take on the bosses in your fly clothes. Engage in PvP and flex on your enemies with your fly threads.

    There is a thing that all Souls-like games need, and if you don’t nail it, your Souls-like card gets revoked. Dark Prison has its card laminated and safely stored in their filing cabinet. The AI is going to give you no quarter, so be ready to bring your A-game. The bosses aren’t going to play around with you either, so get ready to “get gud” or be prepared to be turned into a red smear in the boss arena. If you don’t feel the PVE you can also drop into PVP sessions to see if you have what it takes to battle a human opponent.
     If you’re tired of match 3 games, tower defense games, base building games or mindless autoplay games, check out Dark Prison. It will keep you engaged with its skill-based gameplay. The story and dialogue are delightfully camp and will keep you coming back. There are tons of places in Dark Prison to explore, so grinding for good gear won’t become boring. No matter what device you rock, you’ll be able to pick up this title for free. Check it out on the Google Play Store, or the App Store. You won’t regret it.
    App Store:
    Google Play:
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    If you haven't heard about Breakout: The Dark Prison by now, then you've most likely been living the life of a recluse. In short, Breakout: The Dark Prison is the AAA game that comes to Android/iOS this summer. Truthfully, the mobile market has been crying out for a spectacular, stand-out action adventure. Thankfully, Breakout: The Dark Prison fits that mold in all but every sense.
    Breakout: The Dark Prison pushes the processing power of current systems with its visual excellence. All the while, impressing with deeply-layered RPG mechanics. Aside from the obvious, why does Breakout: The Dark Prison look so amazing? Well, there's a plethora of reasons why this summer sensation is grabbing all the headlines.
    Why Breakout: The Dark Prison Looks Amazing
    With so many games primed for release this summer, what makes Breakout: The Dark Prison so unique? Maybe, it's the movie-like cinematics? Or rather, its poignant survival story, that stirs the soul, and touches the heart? As exciting as it is unpredictable. Could the reason be stunning graphics that raise the bar to unprecedented heights? Whatever the cause, and there are many, Breakout: The Dark Prison is an upcoming sensation, and the summertime smash-hit, you can't afford to miss.
    Breakout: The Dark Prison, Gripping Gameplay

    Concerning gameplay, Breakout; The Dark Prison is in a class of its own. More importantly, its densely integrated systems provide vast depth and immense replay value. Whether you're running the gauntlet and taking part in epic PVP duels, or crushing brutal bosses throughout the campaign, there's something here for everyone. These elements are made even more enjoyable, by a rock-solid combat system, which is both beautifully balanced and richly rewarding. 
    Add to that an extensive player creator-system, alongside an innovative crafting mechanic and a host of side quests to prop-up the primary story mode. The result is a ground-breaking RPG, set to be the ultimate AAA game coming to Android/iOS this summer.
    Stand-out Features of Breakout: The Dark Prison
    Visually, Breakout: The Dark Prison is leaps and bounds ahead of its peers. Especially, considering its an Android/iOS game. Not only do the environments look pristine, but the cutscenes appear polished throughout. All of which infuse gameplay and story sections seamlessly. Also, NPC's share voiced dialogue which is both convincing and compelling. Another breakthrough feature for the mobile market.
    We haven't even discussed player progression yet, which is perhaps the most exquisite quality to Breakout: The Dark Prison. Players use XP obtained through level completion, or from killing enemies. Then, these morph into ability points which assign to any of the main attributes. Better still, each skill reflects the class chosen at the start of the game. Whether you prefer the combat ability or the shooting ability, stats will modify accordingly, based on your choice of class. All in all, it’s this depth of player freedom that makes Breakout: The Dark Prison the must-play Android/iOS game this summer.
    The Team Responsible for The Games Development
    The driving force behind the project, and the passionate minds making this virtual dream a reality is Latersoft. That said, the game couldn't be in more capable hands. Developed by a seasoned team of over 30 experienced professionals, a handful of which have spent ten years or more perfecting animation & 3D modeling, already two years into its creation, there's little wonder that Breakout: The Dark Prison looks destined for greatness. Finally, Breakout: The Dark Prison comes out this summer, so be sure to pick up your piece of gaming history!
    What a summer we have in store. In truth, there hasn't been a game with this level of hype attached for some time. All in all, we can't wait to get our hands on the AAA game that comes to Android/iOS this summer. If only we could speed up time. Thankfully, we can bank on Breakout: The Dark Prison being an instant classic. Bring on the summer. It can’t come soon enough.
    *** UPDATE - 17/SEP/2019 ***
    Now it is ready for pre-registration on Google Play!

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    Ever wanted to play a badass 3D action game on you phone, featuring incredible graphics and an in-depth combat system? Then look no further.
    Breakout: The Dark Prison is a highly ambitious mobile action game set to release on Android and iOS in 2019, and features blockbuster graphics, game play and combat, with unforgettable characters who will have you rooting for them to the very end.
    A Thrilling Storyline

    It’s safe to say that Breakout has an incredibly breath-taking storyline, which is a breath of fresh air compared to most RPG mobile games. Set in a dark survival future where zombies have overrun the population, you take control of a father who arrives at an isolated prison: an unforgiving environment with dangers of its own, including prisoners and menacing monsters.
    Your beloved daughter has been kidnapped by a group of cunning bandits and mercenaries, and you must gear up and get revenge before its too late. Grab your armor and stock up on crazy weapons, including samurai swords, guns, and traffic cones.
    Exciting Gameplay

    Featuring a third-person camera setup, you can fully explore the 3D environment. Additionally, the mechanics of the game are easy to understand, including the tactical timing aspects, where you will have to react at the right time to avoid damage.
    Within the combat system, you can dodge attacks, lash out at enemies, and perform a wide range of detailed moves to take down your foes. Over time you will gain enough XP to upgrade your skills and learn new moves, which will make combat easier and allow you to beat challenging boss fights.
    Outside of combat you can freely explore the environment and head back to your hub to craft items, buy and sell gear, and upgrade your skills.
    Breath-taking Graphics

    The environmental design of the game is stunning, creating at haunting dystopian atmosphere throughout each level. Each part of the prison features a combination of wide-open spaces to explore, and, cramped claustrophobic areas that create tension and a sense of dread.
    Contrasting the dark and gloomy prison, you will meet colorful characters who stray against the dystopian aesthetic. For example, Captain Patton can be seen strapped to the teeth with powerful guns and military style armour, whereas The Queen portrays a colorful anime style with blonde hair and a red leather jacket.
    Insane Boss fights and PVP system

    It’s important to upgrade your skills and have a variety of weapons at your disposal, because the boss fights are incredibly intense and unforgiving. The bosses you face become increasingly challenging the further you progress, requiring you to discover which moves are effective and which weapon works best.
    If you are struggling to beat a boss, you can play co-op and invite your friends to show you how its done. Or if you’re feeling daring, you can enter the arena and battle against your mates to see who the real champion is!

    Pre-Register now!
    Breakout: The Dark Prison is open now for pre-register on Google Play, so what are you waiting for?
    Sign up today to get ahead of the game!

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    Breakout: The Dark Prison is looming enticingly on the horizon. Soon enough, the much-anticipated game, developed by Latersoft, will release a new breed of zombie-apocalypse on the gaming masses. Like other games of the survival sub-niche, Breakout: The Dark Prison relies on stark survival elements to immerse the player. Besides, it's not often that a zombie apocalypse rears its savagely ugly head.
    With that in mind, getting attuned to the perils and pitfalls of Dark Prison will put you in good stead for the bleak dystopian future ahead. At its core, Breakout: The Dark Prison is an action survival game. In many ways, reminiscent of other genre greats such as Last Day on Earth and Dead Trigger 2. At least regarding themes of the genre and in-game systems. But how exactly does Breakout: The Dark Prison emulate, and in some cases supersede the qualities of its peers?...
    Fast forward in time, and my peaceful existence roaming around the central hub in Breakout: The Dark Prison abruptly grinds to a halt. Suddenly, waves of undead ambush me from all angles. All of which vow for a taste of my untainted flesh. Forced to think on my feet, I frantically cycle through items, hacking foes down in a desperate bid to stay alive. Then, I take a hit and replenish lost health with an elixir. This level of dramatic excitement is commonplace in Dark Prison. You'd better get used to it quick time.
    Another stand-out feature of Breakout: The Dark Prison is the sheer gamut of weapons available to the player. Looted cadavers spew items which range in rarity. As the enemies increase in level, so too does the lucrative nature of loot in the field. Just like Dead Trigger 2, Breakout: The Dark Prison offers satisfying weapons to slash away with, in pure abandon. All of which possess damage modifiers that significantly impact upon each battle scenario — another reason why Breakout: The Dark Prison is the best upcoming Android game this summer.
    Whether you select the 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire or the heavy truck tire, as your weapon of choice, every item possesses varying strengths and weaknesses. An element that sets Breakout: The Dark Prison ahead of the pack. There are just so many options to select from; you'll always have a weapon to fit any occasion.
    Because Breakout: The Dark Prison is an action game at heart. Therefore, enemy A.I is crucial, to anchor the core gameplay experience. Thankfully, this element is rock solid throughout. Enemies attack with purpose, show instinctual behavior and exhibit a high degree of realism. Just like those vile flesh-eaters in Dead Trigger 2. A factor which makes Breakout: The Dark Prison the best Android game this summer.
    On another instance, swarmed and seemingly outnumbered, I switch weapon and utilize a double-strength attack. Like a cornered animal I lash out and inflict a devasting attack. On this occasion, it paid off. Much like Dead Trigger 2 and Last Day on Earth, the high stakes action is both stimulating and satisfying. In truth, there is never a dull moment in Breakout: The Dark Prison. A fact which makes Breakout: The Dark Prison the best upcoming Android game this summer.
    Based on this list, Breakout: The Dark Prison is set to blow minds as the best upcoming Android game. Upon its arrival this summer. In truth, it's an exciting era for the Android market. Better still, the inclusion of Breakout: The Dark Prison solidifies the status of the iOS system. Mainly, as the leading platform in the field of video games. In short, this is a sizzling, summer smash-hit, you can't afford to miss.
  5. DarkPrison
    Breakout: The Dark Prison is the ultimate ARPG experience in 2019 for mobile phones. It’s created with the idea of offering you a way to explore new locations, eliminate enemies and stay alive through the entire process. The game has tons of loot and that means you will be able to customize the way you play as you see fit.
    Intense and exciting horror and action gameplay
    The fact that you can play with others adds a new layer of excitement and fun to the table. You can choose when and how to play and you will find it easier to adjust and adapt in order to play and have fun in meaningful ways. The great thing is that the challenges increase as soon as you start playing with others. You do get extra experience the game gets even trickier as you play as a team, but it will totally be worth it.
    Breakout: The Dark Prison gives you the best combination of story, action and horror. Trying to escape from a location infested with zombies has never been harder to do. There are zombies everywhere, and you can even find boss zombies that will make your escape almost impossible. You still have some methods you can use to eliminate or at least try to destroy the zombies, but it will totally be worth the effort and that’s why you need to check it out.
    Manage your items and distribute ability points
    One of the best ways to stay alive in the game is to eliminate enemies and acquire skill points. This will help improve your skills and it will make it easier to handle all those challenges right in front of you. Yes, it’s never easy to try and achieve that, but with the best approach you will be more than fine for the most part. 
    Handling items is very important, you can upgrade the carry limit but you just have up to 50 items at first. Then there’s also the fact that you acquire XP and once you level up you can access abilities. Enhancing your stamina, vigor, resistance, strength, intelligence and accuracy is a crucial aspect in the game and you need to try and improve only those things you really plan on using. Which means you can customize your character to be more focused on melee, ranged attacks and so on. 
    Since this is a game with tons of loot, you have to analyze weapons and gear to try and improve as much as possible. acquiring better loot and getting new rarities is always a challenge, but you can enter PVP battles, Team Fight and Deathmatch scenarios that make the game a lot more intense and rewarding than ever before. 
    If you like action RPG titles and want something unique, intense and with a great gameplay, don’t hesitate and play Breakout: The Dark Prison. This offers a new take on the ARPG experience, with fresh, creative game ideas and exciting new mechanics! Coming on this summer 2019 and stay tuned!
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    A good ARPG game will always bring in front creative ideas and lots of loot, all while putting you face to face with some very powerful enemies. And that’s exactly what you are getting with Breakout: The Dark Prison. 
    This is a very promising game in the Gamedev world that has managed to impress a lot of people with its distinctive gameplay and fun moments. The idea here is clear, you are in a world similar to Last Of Us and you need to do everything you can in order to eliminate enemies and focus on acquiring some amazing results. What makes Breakout: The Dark Prison unique is that you are in a world were zombies and humans are at war and you will have to break out of prison to help humanity.
    And this is where you will start caring more and more about the gameplay and experience. What really sets Breakout: The Dark Prison apart is the fact that this game is super interesting and action packed. It always provides you with cool ideas and moments, all while bringing in the best game experience that everyone wants to see.
    You can select from multiple characters and you can explore a huge range of abilities via the skill set.  This is a very powerful and enticing mobile game, one that will constantly push you to become better and better regardless of what you do. And that on its own is very special, because you get to enjoy some enticing boss battles and astounding loot.
    What really sets Breakout: The Dark Prison apart from other games like this is its unique attention to comfort as you play. All the keys are mapped out in such a way so they feel intuitive. That, combined with the fact that you have a great map to explore everything out there really delivers that RE2 Remake approach and experience you do not want to miss.
    Being caught in a zombie survival experience is definitely very challenging and you have to do everything in your power to achieve the best results. This is not a simple game, it requires a lot of attention and focus, not to mention it can end up very intense at times. People love Breakout: The Dark Prison because it’s offering a great story and at the same time you have lots of great loot too.
    We recommend you to check it out and give it a try if you are passionate about intense, fun and unique game mechanics. Breakout: The Dark Prison is certainly an interesting title and one that you will want to try out right now. The combat is fluid and you will need to master it if you want to become the best of the best at it. While Breakout: The Dark Prison can be very tough at times, it does come with some pretty immersive and powerful moments, something that will impact the way you play too. If you’re a fan of action RPG titles on your PC or mobile, you are bound to be impressed with Breakout: The Dark Prison. Just check it out today! Can’t wait anymore and this is coming on this summer 2019!
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    Have you ever played a hack-and-slash video game? If no, then maybe this game is for you. In the game, you will experience a perfect mixture of action, adventure, and third-person exploration gameplay elements. I was heavily inspired by this game upon watching its trailer on YouTube. The trailer starts with a moving truck on the road when a girl appeared and interacting with the abducted girl. After that, a rocket was released from somewhere to destroy the truck. As the rocket hit the truck, a massive blast completely destroys the truck. Then, a character appeared using the stealth elements to advance through the environment to complete his objective. 
    About Breakout The Dark Prison
    Breakout: The Dark Prison is an Action-Adventure and Horror video game developed by LaterSoft for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. The game takes place in the stunning environment full of bloodthirsty zombies who are roaming freely to find survivors and turn them into brainless creatures. As the protagonist, you’re capable of navigating the landscapes from a third-person viewpoint, interact with the environment, and struggle to complete the assigned tasks to advance. 
    The 3D setting enables you to free navigation and encounter bandits, zombies, and other deadly creatures which stand in your way in order to fend off you by completing your objectives. The game has both PvP (Player versus Player) and Campaign Warfare. The choices are yours; what mode you will select to play.  
    Playable Characters 
    The game introduces several playable characters and enables the player to choose his favorite one to start the game. Each character has its unique skills, abilities, and personality that the player uses in his favor to take down enemies and reaches to the target to achieve all goals and master every weapon. While playing the game, you will discover that each character has its unique play style, set of weapons and equipment. However, if you don’t the appearance of your selected avatar, you have an ability to go to customization to modify the look of the chosen character. 
    Moreover, the movement of enemies determined with the behavior and action of the player. In short, the game provides you with a chance to become a hero, explore the tough environment full of challenging hazards and save the world from being destroyed. Engage yourself in third-person navigation and complete all assigned objectives by Non-player characters to become a hero. 
    The places you in the role of a father who is looking for his kidnapped daughter. The story follows the protagonist who can use a set of deadly weapons, as well as melee combat and weapons to defeat the upcoming waves of enemies to make points. According to the plot, your daughter is in danger and looking for your help. She is captured somewhere along with her companion, a teddy bear. 
    The game throws the player to the hidden and forgotten realms full of vicious monsters, bandits, and deadly zombies. So, it is the aim of the player to survive and begin to reveal the dark secrets one by one to move on. While power-up himself with modern weapons, the player needs to take down deadly enemies to unlock further content to explore. As I told above, the story follows a poor father who is worried about his kidnapped daughter and embark on a journey to rescue his daughter from troubles and survive from brutal monsters who are many times bigger than the protagonist and even more powerful. 
    Character and Weapon Customization 
    Many playable characters await you each with unique attributes. However, the game is specially designed for those players who want to control fully customizable characters, that’s a really good feature and almost every player loves it. There are over sixty weapons and up to 120 equipment as well as more than 100 accessories from which the player can choose and equip his character before setting out on an epic mission that’s really challenging because of freely roaming monsters. 
    Each and every corner is dangerous in the environment where the game takes place. So, be careful, avoid obstacles, solve puzzles, and engage in action-packed gameplay while experiencing the horror gameplay at the same time. What are you waiting for, choose your avatar and put yourself in the struggle to save an innocent girl before it’s too late? 
    Intense Combat and Realistic Graphics
    If we talk about graphics which looks realistic and letting the player experience the action in real-time. Due to realistic visuals, the bandits, zombies, and monsters look horrible, means all deadly creatures will definitely increase your heart beats. You have enough guts to face off these deadly creatures, if your answer is yes, then you can play this game, others avoid it because this game isn’t for losers. 
    While playing the game, there are several locations where you found yourself engaged in intense combat, means there are countless enemies who are coming towards you without any hurdle in order to kill you. That time, you need to use your wits, plan your move and then execute them to lead yourself to victory. 
    Experience Online Co-op Gameplay 
    The most notable feature of this game is definitely its co-op mode, enabling players to join each other on an epic mission, together face off massive enemies and their deadly bosses and advance through the game to survive as long as possible to become the hero. 
    Like other co-op games, you can interact with your teammates, issue orders, and then lead your team to victory to move to the next stage where you will find more dangerous enemies, obstacles like spikes, moving fireball, and others. Your main aim is to reach the end of each stage by taking down enemies using modern weapons and equipment. So, gamers what are you waiting for?
    The graphics, gameplay, controls, and story each and everything of this game is almost brilliant. A complete game almost having all vital elements like action, adventure, weapons, shooting aspects, horror gameplay, and detailed environment. Don’t miss an opportunity to become a hero by just saving an innocent girl. Grab your weapons, embark on a journey, and dominate the world. This game – Breakout: the Dark Prison will be coming to Android and iOS platform in 2019 Summer. Stay tuned with their latest updates.
  8. DarkPrison
    Breakout: The Dark Prison is due to release in the summer of 2019. Moreover, this exciting ARPG will enter a rapidly growing market. In recent years, the sub-genre has seen a slew of releases — some of which stand-out as household titles. In truth, the ARPG format is a niche bracket. Especially in the Android/iOS market. Even more, reason then, for this game to flourish in its respective field.
    Commonly, games within this sub-genre contain complex systems, heavy dungeon-crawling elements, and an extensive progression tree. All of which coincides with an integrated battle system. Either turn-based or otherwise. Only when these systems successfully infuse, do we get a must-play experience. On that note, Breakout: The Dark Prison is in line to be a smash hit this summer. But which games share similar systems? And why is it that Breakout: The Dark Prison looks set to raise the benchmark for android ARPG titles?
    With that in mind, below, are a handful of the reasons why Latersoft's latest venture is expected to take the genre by storm. As this article will testify, Breakout: The Dark Prison is hands-down one of the best Android/iOS action RPG games coming in 2019.
    One of the best games in the market at present is Implosion-Never Lose Hope. What sets this game apart are the high production values and visual polish. Both of which go hand-in-hand with its addicting gameplay, and wonderfully inventive bosses. Luckily, Breakout: The Dark Prison shares many of the themes that make 'Implosion' such as genre great, and a blast to play.
    Much like 'Implosion,' Breakout; The Dark Prison is a highly immersive experience. Mainly, because of the extensive variety of game-play systems on offer to the player. In short, Breakout: The Dark Prison has a player progression system unlike any other whereby players can shape their character in the manner of their choosing. Thus, a sense of destiny lies firmly in the palms of the player.
    For instance, XP tots up any of the main skill tiers. Each of which has a profound influence on game-play, impacting upon style and execution. It's this flexibility that instills a sense of freedom.
    Similarly, to 'Implosion,' Breakout: The Dark Prison boasts of immense production values. In all but every department. Particularly concerning its graphical capabilities. Frankly, for an Android game, the visuals genuinely take your breath away, pushing the hardware to its conceivable limits. That said, the attention to detail is present all around. Everything from the fleshed-out backdrops, to the crisp character models, looks fantastic. Not to mention the artistic boss designs. It is clear, therefore, that a lot of love and craft has gone into this game, and it benefits because of this fact.
    Finally, we come to combat. Just like Implosion - Never Lose Hope, Breakout: The Dark Prison exhibits a multi-layered combat mechanic that's both rewarding and satisfying in equal measure. Mostly, Breakout: The Dark Prison stands out from the pack, courtesy of its fine-tuned systems which strike a delicate balance. Alongside a slick UI, which compliments the fast-paced, hack and slash combat. In all honesty, the more you invest in Breakout: The Dark Prison, the higher the personal reward.
    All in all, some games fit the mold of an ARPG better than others — besides, it's a difficult genre to nail. Thankfully, Breakout: The Dark Prison is a well-rounded, and polished experience. And one that extracts the very best from both its RPG and action elements. The result is a game surely destined to be the best action RPG game on an Android/iOS device in 2019. Finally, the summer is set to be a sensation, with the arrival of Breakout: The Dark Prison and the good news is, we've not got long to wait.
  9. DarkPrison
    Breakout The Dark Prison is an immersive role-playing action adventure game developed by Latersoft. All in all, "Dark Prison" impresses thanks to its rich cinematic story and impactful narrative. Additionally, the streamlined UI cultivates a user-friendly experience. All the while, its depth of combat coupled with a gratifying progression system create an addictive gameplay loop. In turn, this instills replay value and longevity. Are you ready……
    For these reasons alone, you'll have no choice but to see the game through to its climactic end. Both visually impressive and technically sound, Breakout: The Dark Prison is a game that elevates the Android market to unprecedented heights. Those with a soft spot for action adventure will garner great joy from the game set to be a classic.
    After a catastrophic viral outbreak of unknown origin impacts Earth, humans affected by the fallout have mutated into hideous monsters. With humanity on the brink of collapse, bandits, sensing the opportune moment to strike, seize control during the period of unrest. Following the intro, we encounter a lone survivor fleeing the chaos. A vulnerable young girl is clinging on to her teddy bear for dear life.
    As she makes a desperate sprint in a bid to evade the deformed monstrosities infesting the streets, the plot soon thickens. Kidnapped by an elite mercenary group, the girl ends up at an off-shore facility shrouded in secrecy. Immediately, I invested in the story and became involved in the plight of this poor girl. Soon enough, it becomes clear that the girl is your Daughter. The reason for her abduction relates to her genetic immunity to the disease.
    At its heart, Breakout: The Dark Prison is a tale of love, loss and human sacrifice. A personal quest to risk all and, save a loved one despite the odds stacked firmly against them. Throughout the story, I was blown away by dynamic cutscenes, varied, multi-dimensional characters, and an undulating plotline, full of twists, turns, shocks, and surprises. As a result, I was more than content to see the game through to its conclusion.
    One of the Stand-out features of Breakout: The Dark Prison is its character customization. Frankly, I was surprised by the options open to the player. One major plus point is that it's not gender-locked. Thus, you can choose to be male/female. Also, the extensive array of customizable options exceeds those of a typical Android game.
    With six facial types per gender, each varied in appearance, you'll never look the same twice. Regardless of how often you play through the campaign. Better still, you can radically adjust facial features, from jawline shape to eye-color and lip size. All in all, the depth of its player creator-system allows for greater freedom — an essential asset for any true role-playing game.
    After the creation process is over, you'll need to assign abilities — another vital strength of the game. Initially, there are five abilities, each of which modifies your character stat sheet affecting your playstyle in numerous ways.
    For instance, the survival ability boosts maximum HP, while the athletic ability focuses on stamina gains. Alternatively, combat enhances strength and increases damage rate. Lastly, shooting improves accuracy while tanking provides resistance at the expense of stamina loss. Each of these skills plays a vital role in the events that follow — all in all, the stat-variables balance out nicely forcing you to weigh up the pros and cons of each ability. In turn, this gives each decision meaning.
    The Hunters Shelter acts as a hub, and base of operations. A safe zone from the horrors of the prison. Here, you can assign skill points and use vendors to buy things like weapons and items. Those items vary from healing potions to upgrades. Out in the field, you'll collect XP and coin from fallen soldiers. After gaining enough XP, you'll level up, granting a skill point — these also are attributed at a vendor, strikingly like Dark Souls in many respects.
    However, you’ll need to complete a few missions before upgrading any weapons. Once unlocked, the arms dealer George Patton allows you to craft and forge gear. So long as you have the appropriate items.
    All in all, I enjoyed the pace and progression of the game. Engaging with the NPC's, taking on new contracts and maxing out my arsenal was a blast. As a result, every second I spent back a base was a worthwhile investment.
    True to the genre, a core facet of the game is combat. In Breakout: The Dark Prison, you'll have to master the art of both defense and attack. To evade an enemy attack, players can dodge out the way at the touch of a button. What's more, the handy lock-on feature lets you strafe to keep a safe distance.
    Now we move to the combat itself. Firstly, Melee combat is slick and satisfying. Every slash, slice thrust, and jab feels visceral. Not to mention, those grizzly sound effects. Also, firearms pack just as much punch and can inflict equal amounts of pain. Tha
  10. DarkPrison
    The zombie survival horror genre is a sub-niche that has gained immense popularity during the last decade or so. Partly, because of "The Walking Dead," a television series that raised the profile of zombie-themed media as a marketable product. Though that could well be true, there are many games of the survival horror sub-genre. Some of them more successful than others.
    Now, with a big boom in the iOS/Android market many Developers are turning to the Android platform. To produce and showcase their wares. What with the fundamental, technological advances in recent years? That said, admittedly, there is no better time than now for a zombie, survival horror game to emerge on the iOS marketplace.
    Over the eras, there have been many excellent zombie survival games. Who can forget Joel and Ellie's emotional rollercoaster, The Last of Us? Or rather, the remake of Capcom's classic horror "Resident Evil 2." A game that went on to receive critical acclaim. Finally, we have the sick slaughterhouse that is Dead Rising. Well-known for its carnage and chaos in equal measure.
    All these games span across multiple platforms from Xbox to PS4. Only to have later gone on to establish themselves as iconic IP's. However, despite the genre permeating the console scene, there is little evidence of survival horror making headway in the Android market. That is, until now. Welcome to the stage Breakout: The Dark Prison, an exciting new action role-playing survival horror developed by the talented minds over at Latersoft. The game will be a cross-platform release. And will be gracing both the PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to the Nintendo Switch and the Apple and Google stores.
    A Strong Zombie Survival Story
    Nothing can mimic the magic of a decent story. On that note, Breakout: The Dark Prison immerses the player in a dystopian world. Full of unimaginable horrors. Within, a viral outbreak has plagued the world, rendering its inhabitants and those affected as vile abominations not fit for this earth. Just like the best zombie survival games, Breakout: The Dark Prison invites us to witness the effects of the virus first-hand with terrifying results.
    The Last of Us on both the PS3 & PS4 gave us insight into the outbreak. Thus, it's essential for the player to connect emotionally with the subject matter, and Breakout: The Dark Prison nails this aspect. Not only does it set the scene with deep post-apocalyptic themes but delivers a poignant story in the process — a touching tale about one father's quest to save his Daughter against all the odds.
    Gripping Gameplay
    Breakout: The Dark Prison cleverly mixes linear story progression with sprawling open-world environments. The result is a game that rewards the player with challenge-based risk and reward gameplay and narrative segments interwoven into the fabric of the game. True of any story-driven game, Breakout: The Dark Prison tells its yarn through high-end cinematics and dialogue via a rich array of NPC's. 
    There's a lot more to Breakout: The Dark Prison than meets the eye. Underneath the visual splendor and pristine polish are the core systems. All of which drive this well-oiled machine. Similar to Dark Souls III on the PS4 and Xbox One, Breakout: The Dark Prison incorporates combat into character progression. As expected in any role-playing game, you'll combine layered hack n slash gameplay with skill attribution alongside ability acquisition. Also, prepare to bite the dust, and endure many a brutal boss fight. All part of the fun in Breakout: The Dark Prison.
    Not before long, you'll feel the game cement its hold on you. Both addictive and rewarding, Breakout: The Dark Prison is a title that pushes the player to the brink yet conjures gratifying results. That said, you'll be hooked in no time at all.
    All in all, Breakout: The Dark Prison is expected to raise the bar in terms of visual fidelity. Better still, its intricate gameplay systems grant the player great freedom — a concept little known about in the handheld market. In truth, the latest entry in the zombie survival genre is set to break and extend the limits of what's plausible in a video game. Lastly, we can't wait to put this game to the test and endure the perils and pitfalls of "Dark Prison" when it releases soon. Step forth if you dare. The game will be available on the Android and iOS Platform in this summer 2019. Stay tuned!
  11. DarkPrison
    PS4 is one of the most profitable and prosperous consoles of all time. During its lifecycle, players have enjoyed many big-budget blockbusters. Some of which belong to the role-playing genre. For instance, Fromsoftwares Dark Souls III, or Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series, to name a few. What these games share in commonality, is core mechanics and intricate, in-game systems designed to promote the role-playing experience.
    Now, a new contender on the scene threatens to give those prominent PS4 games a run for their money. Welcome to the stage, Breakout: The Dark Prison. An exciting new entry into the action RPG genre. So, let's examine the game making great strides in the market. By stripping it down to the bare parts, we can reveal what similarities it shares with its PS4 peers. Many of the multi-faceted systems will be familiar to genre veterans. With that in mind, let's take a more in-depth look at the game revitalizing a genre.
    Brutal Boss Battles
    There are a few striking similarities with Dark Souls on the PS4, and these appear throughout Breakout: The Dark Prison experience. Almost all of them benefit the player. Mainly, these relate to the inclusion of boss battles. A vital ingredient of any great RPG is the boss fights it contains. Besides, boss battles can help issue a sense of challenge, provide purpose and aid progression. Thankfully, Breakout: The Dark Prison thrives in this regard.
    Impressively, bosses vary in style and creativity. What's more, each boss has a distinguished look, alongside a unique set of skills and character traits. In Breakout: The Dark Prison, each floor has a guardian or Lord Boss to defeat. Upon completion, you'll progress up the mission tiers. Better still, each fierce foe requires the player to deploy different tactics, should you wish to emerge the victor of the spoils.
    What's more, each boss gets progressively harder, the deeper you roam into the game. Just like Dark Souls on the PS4, final fights are brutally punishing, but offer a fruitful reward. The likelihood is, you'll die a dozen or so times before learning the power moves and patterns at play. Only upon knowledge of enemy strengths and susceptibilities, will you stand a chance of crushing the nemesis before you. For instance, The Dreaded Behemoth has a devastating leap attack and deals mass-damage with its duel-wielding swords. Despite this power, the beast is not very agile and moves in a cumbersome manner. Thus, allowing you to flank, evade and jab from behind.

    Controls and their natural fluidity are essential in any action RPG. Besides, games like Assassin's Creed Odyssey on the PS4, rely solely on the responsiveness of controls and a smooth UI to support the action-packed gameplay on screen. Truthfully, clunky controls can ruin the immersion. As combat plays such a pivotal role, tight and finely-tuned controls can make or break an RPG game. Breakout: The Dark Prison boasts of a user-friendly control system which coincides with a streamlined UI. Both of which complement each other to produce an experience that's silky smooth.
    The button config is straightforward and easy to grasp. With simple touch-sensitive pads and large icons which initiate combat at the touch of a button, you can focus on the core game without the need to worry about button mapping, handling, and navigation. In tune with other action RPG's on the PS4, Breakout: The Dark Prison has a slick interface, making the game accessible and enjoyable to all.
    Visuals, though not vital, help give the game authenticity. All the while, graphics boost levels of immersion. Games like Dark Souls on the PS4, have a bold art direction. Hence, making the game stand-out and instilling a unique identity within. Breakout: The Dark Prison, emulates this element, with the standard of its visuals, which push Android operating systems to the limit of their capabilities. The result is distinctive visuals flushed with detail. Everything from the character models to the scenery possesses pristine polish and rich palettes of color. All of which help to set the scene and allow you to invest in Breakout: The Dark Prison. Much like those RPG's on the PS4.
    As you can see, Breakout: The Dark Prison contains all the components necessary to be a great RPG game. With super-tight controls, eye-popping visuals and brutal boss battle's, the game carries all the hallmarks of a classic role-playing title. Hopefully, the game can attain the heights of those that have set the benchmark on the PS4.
    Of course, the early indications are promising, looking ahead to the future. Surely, Breakout: The Dark Prison pledges to set the gold-standard when it hits shelves in the not too distant future. From what we know so far, Breakout: The Dark Prison has the potential to be a trailblazer of the genre, especially for the Android market.
  12. DarkPrison
    As you all know surviving the harsh realities of life in Dark Prison can be a tough business. That said, you'll need to get to grips with the systems at play to cultivate the best results. Breakout: The Dark Prison contains many multi-faceted role-playing elements. Thus, learning the ropes and getting accustomed to the deep mechanics will set you in good stead for the perils that lie ahead. To help you comprehend your quest, we've compiled a self-help guide of 5 tips for survival in breakout: The Dark Prison. Upon reading, you'll be well on your way to beating the game. Read on, for a handful of helpful hints and tips.
    Home Sweet Home
    In Breakout: The Dark Prison, there are two critical areas. If you're not out in the field, tackling the various missions, contracts, and side quests, you'll find yourself at the Hunters Shelter. A base of operations which acts as your hub away from home. Significant for many reasons, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the Hunters Shelter, as this is the epicenter of activity. Besides, you'll be spending plenty of time here. From NPC's to the various vendors and arms dealers, doing the rounds early on and establishing substantial grounds of communication, will help you master the game. In turn, this enables you to invest in the core experience — the first entry in our list of 5 tips for survival in Breakout: The Dark Prison.
    Manage Your Cargo
    Like most RPG's, Breakout: The Dark Prison involves item management. Often, you'll be cycling through your inventory, discarding obsolete items and picking up new things on the fly. However, there are a few vital factors to point out. Initially, you'll have a carrying capacity of up to 50 items. Albeit, you can upgrade the carry limit, but you'll need at least 50 gems to do so.  And these are few and far between. At least early on. I recommend selling any duplicates, or decomposing items to create space, at least to start. There is nothing worse than coming across rare loot and being unable to pick up said piece due to carry restrictions. Number two, in our list of 5 tips for survival in Breakout: The Dark Prison.
    Distribute Ability Points Wisely
    As you level up by gaining XP via the completion of missions, you'll need to assign ability points at the Force Vendor. Here, you can top-up any of the six categories: Vigor (HP), Stamina (Endurance), Strength (Damage), Resistance (Protection), Accuracy and Intelligence. These offer permanent stat boots to relevant skills. However, once distributed, you cannot alter the stat sheet. Hence, it's wise to consider carefully before choosing the path you wish to take.
    Analyze Weapons & Gear
    You'll be picking up a lot of gear during Breakout: The Dark Prison. Some of it, more effective than others. But think twice before scrapping weapons and armor based on visual appeal — almost all of the armaments and firearms offer stat boosts and modifiers. For instance, many of the arms increase hit-rate or even inflict elemental damage such as lightning. Also, armor can improve resistance to elemental effects, as well as bolster toughness. With that in mind, it's critical to study items regularly and identify which ones will benefit your arsenal.
    The Quest for Lucrative Loot
    Although enemies do drop loot on occasion, you'll most likely encounter common types. The exception being item drops from bosses, but even that can be random. That said, the best method for attaining the rarest loot is via the tournaments. Upon completion of the first Lord, you'll unlock access to the arena. Here you may take part in PVP battles, with varying match types. From 1 VS 1 to Deathmatch and Team Fight scenarios, each will generate a fruitful reward. Not only will you gain rare loot, but you'll bank plenty of coins should you emerge the victor of the spoils — a great way to round-off this list of 5 tips for survival in Breakout: The Dark Prison.
    That concludes this list of 5 tips for survival in Breakout: The Dark Prison. There are many methods of execution, each with varying degrees of success. Hopefully, this guide gives you a head start in the game. Stay tuned for more handy hints in the future.
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