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    Jobs for noncombatants?

    Well, from a military organisation point of view, non-combatants might be covering roles like logistics, medical, intelligence, engineering, training or other combat support roles. Things like medical, training and logistics might be difficult to keep the player's interest in a hands-on way, but it could always be abstracted. Just assign different balances of personnel to those roles, depending on the situation. Intelligence/recon. Could be interesting here. Maybe the non-combatants decide to disguise themselves as zombies, and move though the area around the base to build up a picture of where the zombies are and what they're up to. They might not be armed or in large groups like the scavenger folks (perhaps so as not to alert the zombies), but they could also set traps out in the field, trigger environmental hazards, create diversions to draw the zombies away from the scavenger teams, etc. Engineering. As suggested above, this could involve moving obstacles and fortifications to specific areas, placing traps of various kinds, creating "Tower Defence" like avenues of approach, etc. Provide a "kit" for the player consisting of crates, burnt out cars, traps, tripwires, alarms, etc, and let them lay them out around their base and its approaches as they see fit. Should have plenty of appeal. Remote/indirect fires. Maybe the characters have access to some kind of weapons system in the town, or maybe they have indirect fire systems of some sort (mortars, etc). The base-bound characters can direct and activate these systems based on the needs of the scavenger teams, who are marking targets and calling in strikes Hacking. Maybe they can leave the base in a "virtual" way to make their impact. This might involve the usual "24" style sidekicks'-voice-in-your-ear for the scavenger teams; maybe opening doors or deactivating security systems out in the field, using surveillance systems, etc. Taken to an extreme, depending on the tech level you're presenting, you could have a second, "cyber-reality" version of your playing environment (the city), which the base-bound players operate in. (Something all neon and Tron/Matrix style, presumably). Their avatars move around this virtual version of the world, supporting and assisting the real-world scavenger teams. Perhaps the zombie infestation was accompanied by a virtual equivalent, involving computer viruses and such like. The hacker characters will have to deal with these threats in the virtual space, as the scavenger teams have to deal with the zombies. Well, a few random ideas there, hope it helps.
  2. NeverSayDie

    Looking for source control software

    Not sure how "non-mainstream languages" relates to source control, but we use SVN pretty extensively in work (having switched from SourceSafe), and I've used it a bit for personal projects also. We use the TortiseSVN client in Windows (it's a shell extension, very straightforward, good to use). Can't say we've ever had any bug-related problems with it. I believe there are also clients for Visual Studio integration available, never used any myself though, don't know what level they're at. TortiseSVN has proven more than sufficient.
  3. NeverSayDie

    Eternal Lands birthday

  4. NeverSayDie

    Eternal Lands birthday

  5. NeverSayDie

    ## Help me please :(

    Yeah, dodgy as hell. Someone's similar experience here, does sound like you could get it back alright; http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2054880920
  6. NeverSayDie

    WYSIWYG (No, I dont want to use one!)

    Well, SharpDevelop has a fairly extensive GUI editor built-in: http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD/Default.aspx
  7. NeverSayDie

    First post

    That's very impressive - very polished looking, especially for a three man team.
  8. NeverSayDie


    Hi Raduprv, great journal, been reading it for a while now, an operational indie MMOG makes for some pretty interesting reading. Re your other project, you're probably already aware of this, if not, you might find it interesting. "Project Xenocide" - basically appears to be an open-source game project based on the X-COM games (the first one, I think). I don't know that much about the project or the folks behind it, just stumbled across the site a while back, been throwing the odd glance over it since. Seems to be fairly organised, number of folks involved in it, I think they use Ogre for rendering, that's about all I know. Just thought you might be interested - might be some folks to compare notes with if nothing else. Site is here; http://www.projectxenocide.com/index.html
  9. NeverSayDie


    Stumbled across this journal a month or so back, and I've been reading it on and off since - makes for good reading, posts are well written and interesting. That's an impressive project you've got here, that lighting/material system especially seems to bring out the atmosphere in the screenshots you've shown. Best of luck with the project, hope it goes well for you.
  10. Here's another one that might be of interest: Gun-Tactyx
  11. NeverSayDie

    Starting a business

    Cacks, the (Irish) government's BASIS site has a lot of useful info on the topic in general: http://www.basis.ie/. You can find various interesting bits of info on the Irish games industry, (such as it is), here: http://www.gamedevelopers.ie/home/. In particular, I'd take a glance over that post-mortem on Pooka Games. If you're looking for domain names with an Irish company, I've done business with Register365 in the past, found them to be a good bunch.
  12. NeverSayDie

    Lan party games

    Thanks folks, some good suggestions there. And yeah, they've played Jedi Knight in the past, it's a good game, got lost in the downsizing though. Must look into some of those - Cube and BzFlag look interesting; will check them out. Re the RTS games, yeah, some of them are nice, but they're not very popular; usually only get 5-6 folks playing, games take a good while (20 min to half hour or so), you need to be fairly well-acquainted with the game to have a decent chance, not great for participation; they're generally discouraged at our lans, tbh. Also, they don't make for great spectator sport, hence no one's too bothered sticking round to watch on the projector, etc.
  13. NeverSayDie

    Lan party games

    Thanks for the suggestions folks - that Soldat one in particular looks interesting, I'll look into it. skittleo; yeah, we used to play a wider selection of mainstream stuff - Unreal(s), QuakeWorld, some of the WW2 shooters (CoD, MoH). Basically, things have narrowed down to the most popular ones that everyone has installed, keeps things smooth. Personally, I'm a fan of UT2004, wouldn't mind seeing more of that played, but unfortunately it's a very large install, and not everyone keeps it to hand. Re the piracy, yes, as far as I know, copying games around like that is just as illegal, there's no time limit. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm fairly certain that 24 hour thing is just another example of the rubbish warez sites put into their disclaimers.
  14. NeverSayDie

    Lan party games

    Alright folks, I've got a small lan party coming up shortly - informal university thing, bit of fun, no tournaments/prizes or any of that. Anyway, these lans basically revolve around Quake 3, CounterStrike and Battlefield '42. I'm just looking for some fresh options - specifically, smaller/more obscure games that will give everyone some amusement in between the main games. In the past, we've had some success with the likes of Midtown Madness, Flatout, Serious Sam, etc. Preferably supporting up to 16 players or so, bonus points for humorous gameplay or co-op modes. Good indie stuff would be interesting, mods for mainstream games could also be good, or recent multiplayer demos that turned out well. So, any suggestions?
  15. NeverSayDie

    Spot the GDNet Advert Easter Eggs

    Quote:Original post by silverphyre673 Oh darn. GDnet is a huge, *free* resource that hosts what, thousands of people and doesn't make anyone pay for their account. They provide free, very useful articles without even needing an account to access them. They put up with humongous amounts of crap posts in the lounge. They have dedicated and attentive moderators. And those assholes want to put in LINKS WITH ADVERTISEMENTS??? I dont' care if I can disable them with two mouseclicks! I don't care if they obviously need the money to run the site! I don't care if the ads only pop up if you hover over them, and they will possibly be interesting! I want everything my way, and that means NO text ads!!!! Really, staff. Do what you need to do - I don't have any right to complain, and neither does anyone else on the site, since the ones who aren't freeloading (GDnet+) don't have to see the ads anyways. [EDIT] And I don't have any problems with firefox, either. What he said. Free lunches and all that. No problems here, still a lot better than full-screen Flash, noisy ads, inter-page ads (ie full-page, "Click here to continue to where you were going" type ads).
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