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  1. Good point! I had forgotten about those encyclopedia-like articles in Age of Empires. Civilization has that type of information too, they are very well written articles. I guess I just didn't absorb that much historical information considering all the hours I spent playing them. At least not the way @Bregma describes learning about European history for EU. But EU is definitely a different game than AoE or Civ. I had a look at Ultimate General: Civil War yesterday. That certainly looks like a game you could learn some American Civil War history from.
  2. DrSKP, https://www.themedlife.com looks very interesting. That is the type of thing I've been looking for: an educational game, but aimed at adults (or at least older students) rather than children. Tom Sloper, Games for Change does look like a good resource for information about this sort of thing. I had stumbled onto that through Google searches. Bregma, that's interesting that you learned a lot of European history through Paradox's games. I had a hard time finding truly educational games through Google searches because a search phrase like "educational games for adults" will bring up pages talking about how Civilization and Age of Empires are educational. I have played a lot of Civilization and Age of Empires, but it's a real stretch to call those games "educational". I haven't played Paradox's games, though, so that is interesting that you, even inadvertently, gained such a deep understanding of European history.
  3. Does anyone know of any good educational games for adults? It seems like almost all educational games I could find are targeted to kids. I have been working on a game where the basic premise is: Answer trivia questions (history, science, etc) Earn in-game virtual gold for correctly answering questions Use the gold to purchase/upgrade various aspects of your civilization Progress through subject matter and learn a subject in history, while building your civilization It's basically a highly simplified cross between Civilization and Clash of Clans, but your ability to correctly answer questions is what drives the progress in the game. Wikipedia lists about 10 games under educational games for adults. That's a pretty small number of games. And I have looked at various apps such as TriviaCrack, that's not exactly the type of thing I'm going for. The only game I've been able to find that even comes close is DuoLingo, which seems to have a similar vision in that it's a "game" but, unlike something like Clash of Clans, you actually walk away from it with something worthwhile (knowledge of a new language). So does anyone know of, or have played, educational games that are targeted to adults?
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