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  1. Okay thanks. So it can't be done like in unix? By just reading data from the device file?
  2. I want to write an application that reads frames from my webcam and displays it. What is the easiest way of obtaining data from the driver programming in C under Windows XP. I'm having a hard time finding in the msdn jungle as I'm pretty new to this type of programming.
  3. branhield

    network deamons

    I'm running windows XP on all my boxes and the newest firmware on the router. And yeah, the problem occurs on all machines (both cable and wlan connected) at the same time. If it was only the wlan the whole thing would make a lot more sense.
  4. branhield

    network deamons

    I'm running windows XP on all my boxes and the newest firmware on the router. And yeah, the problem occurs on all machines (both cable and wlan connected) at the same time. If it was only the wlan the whole thing would make a lot more sense.
  5. branhield

    network deamons

    My network has been up and running without problems for years. I connect three computers to a Belkin wireless router; 1 with cable and the rest with wlan. Now all of a sudden, my clients keep loosing connection for a short time (like 1 or 2 seconds) every 5 minutes or so, which screws up software that depends on a solid connection (such as poker clients, ssh sessions etc). I started an infinite ping to my router on two of my boxes, and notice that when this connection-loss occurs there is no reply to the pings, which should mean the problem is local (between router and clients) right? Okay, so I go borrow a pals router(exact same belkin router) and hook it up. Same problem. So I move my router, thinking it's some electrical problem. Same problem. Now I'm sitting here with a big question mark over my head hoping someone will have some input. Would be much appreciated.
  6. branhield

    installing the standard windows mbr

    Ok thanks guys. Seems like I'll have to find a way to boot the XP disc, since I don't have a floppy drive.
  7. Hi. I'm currently using GRUB to dual boot fedora and xp, but now I want to remove the fedora partition which would probably mess up GRUB so I won't be able to boot anything at all. I would use fixmbr on the xp setup disc, but for some reason my computer has decided not to boot the cd (screen just goes black). So, can I install the xp boot loader any other way from within Windows?
  8. branhield

    Amilo si1520

    I want to buy a Fujitsu Seiemens si1520 notebook. Does anyone know if/where I can get it in the United States? I live in Sweden, but I would probably save around $4000 by ordering it in the United States hand having my sister send it to me, due to exchange rates.
  9. branhield

    Wierdest problem ever....

    I'm not connecting thru http but using their client software. I did reinstall the client multiple times, erased all the settings, and I even tried installing it to a different location. And you're right, it IS very strange indeed. I'm getting ready to take the cowards way out. Backing up my files now.
  10. branhield

    Wierdest problem ever....

    Yea i tried that as well. I even reset it to factory settings. Rebooted my access point as well. I even tried changing the routers hw adress to get a new WAN IP. The problem shouldn't be at that level though as it works on all my other machines. :(
  11. branhield

    Wierdest problem ever....

    No result, any other ideas?
  12. branhield

    Wierdest problem ever....

    Thanks. I did run adaware but i'll run spybot now. Reason I'm not using SP2 is because i once installed it on an already messed up box and it messed it up even worse. Guess I just had a bad first impression.
  13. branhield

    Wierdest problem ever....

    I'm running WinXP Prof. SP1. Been playing poker on PokerStars for about 2 months and never had a problem with it. So last night I was playing before i went to bed and when I wake up the next morning to sign on, the connection process just times out. I figure the network is down so I wait until next day and try again, with the same result. Then I try to connect from my laptop and it works perfectly fine. Both boxes are behind a firewalled router but there's no software firewall on either machine. I've run into something similar before though where I couldn't connect to certain networks on a box while it works fine on others. That time i solved it by reinstalling my box. But I'm just not in the mood for that now. So anyone ever experienced this? I'm grateful for any help. Thanks.
  14. branhield

    tools for drawing design charts

    i might have forgot to mention it has to run on linux/freebsd =D but thanks
  15. hey, i'm looking for a good tool to create like pretty little design charts for my software projects. i just need some simple features like drawing boxes and writing text and drawing lines and arrows etc. i don't know what this category of software is called so thats why i'm asking here. i'm aware of gnu dia but it's just so ugly..and boring..
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