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  1. Hi everybody, Welcome to my game Sharp X mind. It's a controversial game based on a first-person story that focuses on the madness of Mr Fish. Here's the reveal trailer : Censored version : [NSFW] Uncensored version : Story : A cutting journey into the madness of Mr Fish. Prepare yourself for intense katana fighting in first person and help Mr. Fish free himself from the evil spirit in his mind. Features : *Intense intrigue that takes place in an infected mind *Body cutting in real time in intense katana fights *Many NPCs to interact and chat with *50+ movies and shows accessible via theater, nightclub, freak show... *Immersive and atmospheric soundtrack *Powerful voice-overs *Supporting 5 different languages [Censored] Screenshots : Find uncensored screenshots on my website : Sharp X Mind Website --------------- Thanks for all the support!
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