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  1. Thanks for replying! Do you mean one out of HTML, CSS or Javascript or all three combiled toghether? I guess HTML ist necessary in any case, since its in a browser environment. Cheers.
  2. Hi everyone! Im looking to develope a small tycoon game for a specific nitch. But i have no idea, which engine i should build it on ... I am asking here, because i serched the internet for a whole day and couldnt find satisfiying answers. I guess thats because i miss the correct terms known in the gamedev world to express my questions properly ... Here is my idea of the basic structure of the game: It does not have to have a fancy 3d world map or anything like that. Basically you will just have an account with your balance and a feed with randomized upcoming deals which you can choose to buy or not (for example a business or real estate). So the deal will cost you money upfront, but put small amounts of money back into your pocket every "month" (acually every other 2 minutes or so). To found the deal you will be able to get a loan from a bank. So at the bank you type in the stats of the loan you need and the bank will check your account for worthyness of the loan. Later on you can try to optimize what ever you bouhgt (for exaple install balconies at a piece of real estate and raise the rent). So the game is actually mostly made out of mathematics. Its supposed to be GUI-only (i could not find a common term for a game that is played olny in a gui, an not a map, niether 2d or 3d). The upcoming deals should be generated by an automated algorithm, so that i dont have to create every deal my self and its also gonna be infinite posibilitys for the deals. I want the game to be played within a browser, so you log on to your account on a website and then you can play it there. NOW MY QUESTION: which engine would you reccomend for a project like this? I know that there is gonna be a lot of coding to be done to get the mathematic concept working and im not afraid to learn a new programming language. ALSO: how do you properly call a game that has no world map/ levels/ anything to move around in, but just a gui to manage thngs? Thank you so much for your advice!!!!! Cheers, Matt
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