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  1. Hey Lephina, I really like the soft and untroubled feeling of your music. I think you are really on the right path to the style you are looking for ☺️ Some thoughts about "your journey" - some of them may apply also to your second piece 🙂 The composition itself is structural understandable and clear and the selection of instruments fitting, I´d say. There are some little parts that probably are depending on the taste - for example: - 0:42 you are starting a pretty nice question-answer motif here, maybe it would be even clearer if it would be featured in two Instruments of rather different frequencies/timbre/range. - I dont have frequency measurement tool with me right now, but I feel, most of the used instruments are fighting for the same higher frequencies. It would be nice, to have maybe some low cello/doublebass notes also after 0:50, deeper percussion, otherwise it gets maybe a bit flat in total. When it comes to the production side, there are some things, that came to my mind during listening: - In general I would put even more effort into the volume/expression dynamics. Imagine the movements of the cello bow, the breath of the flutist, even the hand of the percussionist. Nothing of that is really static, and since you are imitating real instruments, their liveliness could be your reverence 🙂 Often singing the melodies helps me a lot with that. - 0:28: that strongly filtered action-like hat-pattern doesnt fit in for me so well, since you kept the rest rather natural - also, it seems a bit limping at some points - you could enhance the stereo width a bit, at the moment it sounds, as if most of the musicians would be sitting at the same spot in the room To your questions: If I`m getting you right, you are less focusing on musical structures such as larger orders for classical or popular music. But rather on smaller hints, how to proceed with stuck on certain points - and how to keep one musical thought flowing through the whole structure. For that I would just study and listen to your musical goals as much as you can and always deal with that question in your mind - how does the larger musical context is built up, what role are playing the smaller motifs. How long can you work on one musical idea until it is really worn out and how to already prepare a meaning for the next progression. I think the second question is not easy to answer, since there is also not one general standard for what qualifies to be a game /film or any project. As long as you find projects, that you manage to truly enrich with your music, you are good to go, I would say There are some things, that are less negotiable - like production quality. Id say also here the way is listening your favorite music and converting it into your music, until you cant hear differences anymore I hope at least some of my thoughts made any sense All the best Andi
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