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  1. Hello Andi! Thank you very very much for such a detailed and constructive reply, I am honoured. This is my first time receiving opinions of this depth, you don't know how encouraged I feel! (*^_^*) 'Most of the used instruments are fighting for the same higher frequencies' - Yes I thought so too! I did try using some lower strings after that part but it turned out to be a bit disappointing so I abandoned them. Maybe I just wasn't trying hard enough and was too impatient. I often feel that my pieces are lacking some thickness between musical layers, probably because my knowledge of timbre characteristics is not very sufficient yet, so I don't know what instruments to choose as the 'seabeds' of everything else. As you've said, I should listen and listen more. I wasn't even aware of myself making a question-answer motif at 0:42 - hopefully I will begin to notice things like this, blend my instruments better, and be able to further develop my melodies as I keep on listening to others. ☺️ As for expression dynamics, I always spend a painful lot of time adjusting them. As a beginner I am still only using cursor-dragging/fingertip-keyboard force control to achieve what I want to hear, rather than turning modulation knobs in Kontakt or playing around with CC values (I don't know how to, at all. I will try teaching myself about them after kicking away my laziness). Thus I struggle. Thank you for the 'singing' advice as well, I have not considered that before. Seeing your comment on stereo width makes me feel like my stupid secret has been revealed *laughs*. Yes I did not bother creating a soundstage (is this how people call it?) as I was not sure how to... Moving the pan slides to the right or left maybe? Your answers to my questions are very kind and well-thought, thank you. To me composing is also somewhat similar to drawing, e.g. main melody/theme = line art, arrangement = colouration, apart from being 'language construction' akin to writing passages. I will study hard, with love! I am so glad to have met you, Andi. Thanks! 💐 Maybe someday we will meet and work together, in the wonderful world of music.
  2. Hello, newcomer here. I am very happy to have found this place - there's so much to learn! Recently I have started making music for my own enjoyment. I've long been in love with Japanese anime/video games (fantasy genre in particular) and my dream is to compose soundtracks for similar works or even produce my own games someday... though I am not currently studying anything related to music or programming at uni. But still, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to !finally! squeeze out some spare time for expressing myself through the soul-touching magic of music. So here are my latest works... I did not want to share my music to people I know. I thought I would rather seek opinions in a professional place like this >_<;. I have not received formal music education, so all I know is stitching together melodies and sounds that make me feel satisfactory and heart-warming. I sincerely apologise if there's anything that hurts your ears. Please kindly advise me on how to improve! As of now, what I care most about when approaching music composition is - there has to be some sort of 'meaning' in my songs. I want my instruments/SFX ornaments to convey thoughts and feelings in a story-like style, as if they take up vivid roles of 'changing colours', 'personalities', 'wishes and blessings' etc., not just emotions or images alone. If someone comes to me and tells me that my music conjure up 'descriptive and varying experiences', real or ethereal, in his/her mind, it would be the most wonderful thing I could hope for. Sorry if this is too metaphoric but I find it difficult to put it in a better way... And thus, I named my composing project 'Twining Tales'. ( There two more songs on my YouTube Channel at the moment, timidly hoping for listeners... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIW6MSTqofpSGnvVJ3gowVQ/about ) I would also be very grateful if anyone could provide me with generous insights on the following, too: - When I write music, I nearly always go with 'do as I think', following whatever ideas that suddenly flow and appear without planning any kind of structures beforehand. This sometimes makes me agonisingly stuck at certain turning points of my songs, especially before climax, often resulting in a piece of work which seems inconsistent or disconnected at some places. Is it because I am only a beginner that is not skilled enough to take control of my mental processes, or does planning really has a significant impact on how I do? If the latter is true, I'd like to learn some ways to properly construct my songs! - How would you know if you are ready to take up real composing opportunities? I understand that music creation has boundless freedom, but there should be, in a general sense of standards, a borderline between 'yes you can write for games/anime/films now' and 'no your works sound too noobish', shouldn't it? When will you realise you can really do something and how can you reach out to people who need you...? Thank you for reading my post! ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ May your never-ending journeys of music be blessed with light.
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