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  1. If not learn it for exams, i don't think you should spend a lot of time in language structure, instead focusing on how to form the sense of the language will help you organize the order spontaneously and understand the structure more easily. Mandarin doesn't follow the structure in many cases so it's very time consuming and confused to figure out why we have to say so. Also the four pronunciations of each word are very important, many foreigners can't speak fluent Mandarin because they can't make their voice sound familiar to us. I'm Chinese by the way... Another point is to use it very often, I had been to the US for 2 years and the English I learned in the first three month is more than all I have learned in school combined. Try to find native Mandarin speakers and talk to them.
  2. Well, the best way to learn a language is by using it, so does many other subjects. The advantage of language learning game is that it can be applied in every aspect of our lives. I don't know whether the Duolingo is working good for you, but if you want to learn Mandarin I can give you a tip or two lol.
  3. Making the game fun to play is the issue that causes headaches. Besides answering questions to get points or rewards, we want something that can make the whole learning process more interactive, the interaction that we see in most "typical"games. We are still struggling on it and maybe we will be struggling throughout the developing process:D.
  4. Hi, we are working on a game for professional education( accounting) and I have similar ideas about this kind of game. Do you mind having a chat about this? which communicating tool are you using?
  5. Hello everyone. I am developing an educational game. But people tend to think educational game is boring as long as I say "educational". My design is to make the story highly related to professional experiences and stories. For theories that's obscure, we translate that into flash animation and tailored small games to interact with players. I mean the player gotta to have some level of professionalism, right? Would that be nice if some one can play a game while actually learning something?
  6. Hi there, I am working on a game for professional education(Accountancy), and we need indie developer who can cover various aspects of game development such as modeling, coding, ect. We are based in China. Despite the fact that there is a decent market for good educational APPs in China, the motivation of doing this is not all about money. I’m doing this because I don’t want to sell my time soly for a little, fixed wage anymore, I used to work for big Accounting Firms but I can’t image my life going on like that till I die. I found my passion in education, that means I don’t give up unless this product come out. We have a 6 men team, all CPAs with years of professional experience. We are in the early stage of development and we want to create a sample of the game first, discuss on it throughoutly to form the overall direction and try to attract first round investors in China. Then we work very hard till the product come out. You will be mainly communicating with me on various subjects. I know I write like someone from primary school but I am surprisingly cool to work with:). The reason why I turned here for help is because the game develop industry in China is not very friendly for start-ups like us, and people are being just too realistic. I don’t mean you shouldn’t get paid for what you have done, but doing the work without even caring about the game is definitely not the partner we are looking for. My speaking in EN is okay since I haven’t use it for almost 4 years. But I did spend two years in the US for the MS degree, and will pick up the language very soon cause I will be constantly using it. If you are interested or want to discover more about the game, plz leave a message below, or send to wellreceived@sina.com, along with a finished game sample would be preferred. Thank you. Kai
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