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  1. tbeaugelin

    Accurate (& realistic) way of accelerating an engine

    Concerning the clutch, that's already what I had in mind, in a first time, have a Float between 0 & 1 that could induce slipping clutch. I already have different ratio for the different gears, and also Final Drive in my calculations. What I'm asking for is, everything is working more or less the way I want it, except when I'm in Neutral. I can't rev my engine in Neutral, and I'd like to know a realistic way of increasing it while in Neutral (or clutch disengaged), and not with "My throttle can go from 0 to 1, so while in neutral, my throttle value is the alpha of lerping between IDLE & Max Rev" thingy. For the moment, my Torque delivred to the wheels is: DeliveredTorque=(TorqueAtRPM(Curve)*FinalDriveRatio*CurrGearRatio/Radius)-(RollResistance*Mass*GravityScale)-(0.5*AirDrag*FrontArea*AirDensity*Velocity²)*ThrottleValue All of this comes from Marco Monster Tutorial & another tutorial I found but can't rember it anymore. So bascially main question, how to realisticaly rev engine at Neutral (Or Clutch disengaged) ? Thanks all for the reponse ! EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot, I also have Torque Bias integrated, alongside with Brake Bias (Torque & brakes repartitions between front & rear wheels) EDIT 2: Since I can't edit my older post, here is the link to the actual progress of the project (previous video had FPS issues) https://youtu.be/YWM_XUUP3jQ
  2. tbeaugelin

    Accurate (& realistic) way of accelerating an engine

    Okay, so, after a lot of work, I'm starting to get something. Following this: http://www.asawicki.info/Mirror/Car Physics for Games/Car Physics for Games.html and something else I can't seem to find anymore, I was able to pull something nice and sweet Also, new question, since Air Resistance is tied to Speed² (Fdrag = 0.5 * Cd * A * rho * v2 ), is it normal that I get crazy high values ? Speed is supposed to be in m.s-1 right ? (Values can be seen in green in the video, top left corner) The RPM are for the moment directly tied to the wheel RPM, and therefore, not increasing in Neutral. My question is now, how would I "reaslisticaly" simulate the increasing in neutral (or clutch fully disengaged). Here is a small video showing the progress (RPM can be seen top left corner, in purple). Also added camber to the tire, changing the car behavior as expected ^^
  3. Hello everyone ! I have as a project to create a car simulation inside of UE4. So far so good, I have suspensions working, alongside with wheels spining & direction. I would like to know what would be the most realistic way of making the car accelerate. I have read a bunch of post all around the internet, but never found answers to my questions. So here I am. Basically, I know that I can approximate acceleration with my 0-1 value of throttle (1 being maxium RPM the engine can handle), but, correct me if I'm wrong, in a real car, pressing the pedal to the max does not, in fact, make the engine rev at it's highest point. It increase the speed at wich the engine rev. If my gas pedal is pressed at 1/10 of it's full course, with no gear engaged, it will make the engine go to it's highest point, but slowly. Instead, if i pressed my gas pedal to 8/10 of its full course, I will "accelerate" my engine faster. So my question is how to simulate this the most accuretly possible ? Let start with this, without speaking about gear, friction and loss. Basically, I'm in neutral, and press my gas pedal. How would you simulate this behavior ? If anyone is interested in seeing how this project goes, i'll post updates on my youtube channel, and a quick preview of what I already have can be found here : https://youtu.be/dCdARHeV3Tk. EDIT: Sorry if my english is not that good, I try my best (Its not my native language)
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