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  1. Killersan

    MMORPG framework for Unity

    The reason for that is simple, instead of making different versions with different features available or not per different license type, we decided to differ licenses only differs by CCU. What does it mean for the client? Basically such client can start development as you said for 500 USD, but we also have a subscription license which has 14 days trial included and it's 29$ per 30 days, so let's say 1$ per day. 100 CCU license can be upgraded to a higher CCU value if necessary, for subscription it can be changed on daily basis, like you can change it to 1000 CCU for tests, and the next day you can switch back to 100 CCU, and paid amount will be added to the account balance for further subscriptions. I know that it's hard to believe that it's possible, but have you seen video from integration part into the existing Unity scene? http://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/integration-into-existing-scene/ Building scene by Asset Store publisher around 2 hours, and implementation of Atavism 1 hour, with just default elements, mobs, quest, bank, inventory, building, resource nodes, combat, etc. etc. small sample of course, but all out of the box within let's say 1 day for less experience developer. Even more we are providing example scenes with many examples. That was the purpose, to only differs licenses not by functionalities, but by CCU, so even smallest license could have access to all features and engine elements. This way developer can use smallest license (we are recommending this approach) during the development process to reduce the expenses and then before alpha, beta tests, or before release they can upgrade it to a higher CCU value without changing their code. I know it's hard to believe that we are not after clients money, and we are not making different versions based on features, but we wanted to do it like this, to give fully featured version no matter which license the developer will have, so he could develop a complete game, instead of using partial features, and force him to purchase higher license. It's more fun to see what people are creating than only getting their money. To be honest after we took over the Atavism project in November 2017, we are only investing into it, but we believed in it when we purchased our licenses as a client in early 2015, we believed in it when we took ownership, and be even more believe that with each release it's more powerful and more feature rich. Just check release notes, and you will see what was implemented during this last 16 months.
  2. Killersan

    MMORPG framework for Unity

    You can make Witcher 3 similar game and it won't be MMO, and still it will cost you a fortune, so the scope is important, not naming convention. You can make MMORPG game with one person, because it will be MMORPG game, but starting small, not with big release and marketing for millions of dollars, you can expand and evolve over time, you can find investor, but with a product in your hands, it's easier than without it, don't you think? Massive doesn't mean massive cause of hundreds of km2 terrain, it doesn't also mean massive of quests, or massive of combat, it's massive of players, and game design is on the developers end, which can build game oriented on buildings, or combat oriented, or quests and community oriented, or anything else. I'm not saying that one person can make AAA MMORPG game, but he can build MMORPG which can be unique and thanks to Atavism framework which is more than 320k lines of code, tons of functionalities, and the most important configurable functionalities it is possible to build MMORPG game which wasn't possible before, as coding this part would take 3-5 years by skilled team with millions of dollars. You don't have to listen us as a product owners, even if we didn't start as such when we chosen Atavism as the framework for our game, but you can jump on our discord server and ask other devs what they think about our product and its capability. Huge thanks for sharing your point of view as such feedback is also important for us.
  3. Killersan

    MMORPG framework for Unity

    As in any other game, your clients will have to cover that cost eventually, but the most important thing is that you can build something playable not within years and with dozens of employees or coworkers. Of course, all depends on the scope, if you will want to build huge environment then you will have to populate it, if you will want to have like 12 playable races, then you will have to model them, and all of these will take time, so, start small, and build on top of that. It's much better to start with a base, and just design your game using the tool, rather than code it and spend at least 3 years and $$$ only for coding, while you could spend this time on creating content and populating your maps. At least that's my opinion. You can check our 14 days trial and see for yourself how fast you can build something playable.
  4. Killersan

    MMORPG framework for Unity

    Have you ever dreamed about your own MMORPG game? Without coding skills, without a big budget, and with a small team? You thought it's impossible right? If you answered yes to these questions, then we all thought the same while ago. We started developing our game in early 2015, at least based on Unity and Atavism MMORPG framework. We developed lots of content, improvements, and fixes during for Atavism during those years, and in November 2017 we took ownership of Atavism project. Since then we introduced 4 major releases: Atavism 2.7 (was about putting our changes to Ataivsm main branch, and improving quality) - http://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-2-7/ Atavism 2018.1.0 (we implemented a totally new demo, and forged cooperation with many top asset store publishers like Nature Manufacture, Procedural Worlds or Awesome Technologies, to name a few. We also implemented a few new features) - http://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-2018-1/ Atavism 2018.2.0 (the biggest and most time-consuming feature was introduced - navmesh and many fixes) - http://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-2018-2/ Atavism 2018.3.0 (this release was all about new features and some fixes of course, but it was the most feature-rich release ever) - http://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-2018-3/ Now we are following roadmap for 2019, wherein the first release 2019.1.0 we will introduce lots of new features and improvements: https://www.atavismonline.com/atavism/roadmap If you are an MMORPG fan, join our community https://discord.gg/z95htJA and see for yourself how easily you can build your dream game. We are providing the Atavism Live Demo, which was built within 2 weeks, which is like a sample of a game created based on the framework. We also have 14 days trial in which you can test a complete package from the developer point of view: https://www.atavismonline.com/home/atavism/atavism-on-premises/atavism-2018-op-standard-subscription https://youtu.be/zSpDpA_6pl0
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