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  1. Afelium

    Started with a dead end

    I had this track in my scrap folder for a long time. I tried to make a battle theme similar to FFVI's "Decisive Battle" Do you have any tips about how to create a battle theme or to avoid dead-ends while composing?
  2. Afelium

    First Composition

    Here it is, with a random image
  3. Afelium

    First Composition

    I'm creating a video game for a school project and I'm struggling a bit on creating original music. At the moment I'm looking for critique on my first complete track. My objective is to create retro music focused on melody, like the ones from old nintendo games. As a beginner, I started with a simple program called "Bosca Ceoil".It's not the best but I needed somewhere to start. I've uploaded the track as an attachment to this message, but I bet there are better ways to upload music on forums.If you suggest one, I'll edit my post as soon as possible. EarlyBird.wav
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