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  1. Meovyle

    Which game engine?

    Im not really interested in tilemaps/physics and Godot looks more beginner friendly with its visual script. So is unity still better tho? So what engine is better in doing specific things? Like your personal favourite? Hm... going to check it out later.
  2. Meovyle

    Which game engine?

    Hello, im new to this forum and i want to ask about which engine i should choose. I want to do a 2D round based game (like the flash game 'Sonny' & 'Sonny 2' and i understand the basics of python, C and C#. (Did in school and private, but never coded anything privatly) The game engines im looking at are Unity, Godot or Gamemaker. What are the pros and cons of them? (And it should be free to use) If you have any other suggestions feel free to share them.
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