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  1. Sterie Radu

    Best software for a simple game

    So this would be the best start. Thanks so much!!
  2. Sterie Radu

    Best software for a simple game

    Thanks so much for the info!! I want to learn code for games but right now I am really busy with my exam for college so I don't think I'll have the time for a while. On the other hand I think that one of those game studios where you don't need much information might be an option, as Rutin said: This might be faster (I want to finish this in less than four months, at least the game if not the online multiplayer part) and also easier (is the 4 months part realistic?) . But if I make them in those studios will I be able to upload them on google play store, ios app store and browser (I ask that because from what I've seen each platform requires a separate language (android -Java, ios-swift etc and I don't know how the studio works and what the language will the games have) Also I have to mention that the multiplayer part consists in a tournament game where people will play 1 v 1 and the winner will play against another winner and so on until one player wins. Will this be hard to do, and how much time would it take?
  3. Hello!! I'm want to create a simple online multiplayer game, but I only know basic C++ programming. I'm really new to programming games and I want to start right so I won't have to take everything from the beginning. What is the best software that I can use for both a browser game and also a mobile app game? (By simple game I mean something like one of those flash arcade games, and I'd need a really simple software since I'm a beginner) Thanks for the attention! 😄
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