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Hi there! Are you in need of a beautiful soundtrack for your video game? I'd love to be a part of your project! Being an avid video game player myself, I understand the importance of tailoring a soundtrack to fit your game and to help bring it to life as an experience for players.

With 14 years of composition experience and a background in wide range of musical styles, I quickly deliver hand written music, supporting you and allowing your focus to be on the design of your game.

I look forward to getting in touch with you through Skype and getting familiar with your vision.

Types of musical services:
* Large scale orchestral soundtrack composition
* Brief themes and background elements production
* Scores, blending powerful electronic elements with other instruments such as piano

Skills I excel in:
•Creating evocative soundtracks with a powerful emotional impact.
•Interpreting the artistic direction of a game, enhancing its gameplay and story with a range of music builds and lulls.
•Prioritizing workloads and coordinating multiple communications and feedback.
•Fast-paced, creative problem solving to achieve difficult results in tailoring music to developing games.

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