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  1. So what I might do is first work on a 2.5d beat em up just to get myself the proper experience. I can see how far that goes and if it's a success. So what would make a successful beat em up into a big 3d title? Would making it an action game like DMC with some fighting mechanics? Surely it wouldn't work having a 2 or 4 player co- op in 3rd person right? So a story focus 3rd person campaign like DMC5 where it's the single player action experience and have like a special free for all 4 player co- op unlockable mode with a 4 split screen like King of The Hill Halo with multiple enemies to fight and playable bosses could work? I had this idea for a while now.
  2. But it seems like the 2.5d side scrollers or 2d games don't seem to sell as much as the big 3d titles, why is that?
  3. Couldn't I work it out somehow in full 3d using VR?
  4. Noo but I do like some of those ideas, maybe I can mix up something to that effect That will probably work since that would play closer to more popular genres right? I'm sorry for all these questions, I just want to really put in the effort to make this as varied as possible and actually have my game a contender in the gaming market one day and not just as a scrolling indie game. I look at 3d/2.5d vs fighting games today and I could maybe do something like that similar for my beat em up with the graphics and gameplay speed only a side scroller not a vs game. What I love about Streets of Rage and Final Fight is their variety of characters, enemies and bosses. everything from ninjas, samurais, sumos, pro wrestlers, street thugs, men in black with guns, some supernatural stuff and much more. I was told putting all that in one game could make it worse but I don't see why it would if it worked for those games and they were very popular right?
  5. Thanks! I'll give that a try. Do you think this would work better in 3d or 2d? And could an interactive story work for a genre like this? Also I can't seem to figure out ideas for selectable characters the player can pick and choose from. I wanted to have at least 5 type of different characters to choose. I got that one would be the well rounded fighter. Another would be a heavier slower grappler. Another one would be super quick and fast. Another one would be a distant melee based fighter. And one more would be very dynamic and unpredictable. The problem is I don;t know what kind of designs or ideas that would fit each of those. I know at least 2 of them should be female, the rest could be male, I just don;t want to copy games like Streets of Rage and Final Fights heroes. What are some good inspirations I can use for character ideas to fit each playstyle? Thank you all for so much help.
  6. My only concern is with so many other game competition out there, I want my beat em up to be able to hold its own but you're right I've been given some great advice so far! Maybe I can give it a cyberpunk feel to it and add some puzzles to help add replay? Oh and I like those references!
  7. Yes! Maybe something closer to this mixed in with DMC fighting. But how would I be able to make it innovative enough to get other players to want to play it as well? I'm being told that a lot of beat-em-ups don't do well because they get boring and repetitive compared to games made today?
  8. Honestly this is all probably a bad idea. It just doesn't seem likely that anyone would wanna play a new styled beat-em-up. It's probably too outdated or just doesn't seem to stand a chance against other games today of other genres. Sorry guys, I just don't think I can stand a chance to even have this game even one bit likable The only one in this genre that seems to have done okay is Dragons Crown but that's about it.
  9. Okay so are you saying that each individual enemy should be vastly different in terms of move mechanics? Or just offer enough enemies with variety of move mechanics and some the same? Like in Streets of Rage you might have 4 guys attacking you at once that are the same speed level with the same moves, while 3 more who attack you are slower and big, while 2 to 6 more are average but use say a weapon. In a game like that they sometimes reuse some of the same enemies for the next stage or next wave of enemies that are next to go and attack you. Coudersport making each enemy that attacks you each have completely different speed, strength, weaknesses, movements, range and different design appearances? Or would that be almost impossible to do with so many characters on screen. For example, a game like God of War and DMC may have the same kind of wave of enemies attack you that were the same as before. But that's a different genre altogether right?
  10. I'm sorry. I was trying to show examples of a beat em up game. It was to show that beat em up games can still be fun and still use plenty of moves to fight enemies without slowing down the intense gameplay. What I would like to do is make it based off the action used in side scrollers and update it somehow into a more 3d world like DMC style. See how the combos are used against enemies and how many different moves can be performed? This is the idea I have but more like something in God of War where you can perform all these moves and still keep the atmosphere of the game going where the player isn't overwhelmed with trying to memorize move sets which would be difficult when surrounded by enemies. Maybe have a special kind of input command when the player hits a special move on screen where the MC performs that move with like just like 2 buttons? I'm apologize I'm not very good at explaining this. If this is something I really want to do, how could I make it so it still has that great fun factor and doesn't get repetitive where you just from onstage to one bad guy to the next?
  11. So something like this if made with some updated engine couldn't work in the middle of action?
  12. Okay this is an example of the type of style like camera view and gameplay mechanics I would use for this beat-em-up game that I want to create as a VR game. Of course it wouldn't be exactly like this, just how the 3d movement is and potential style for how you'd fight the bad guys. What do you guys think? Or would something like this be better for gameplay mechanics and style?
  13. Well what are the most well known beat-em-up games? And when was the last time a new one was made? I'd like to see an amazing storyline that can connect all these bizarre stuff. Bigger selection of main characters to play through fighting enemies, an online mode, co op mode using the good guys and bad guys in almost a DBZ style. the action similar to GoW and DMC, each playable character having a huge set of skills, moves and all sorts of specials maybe?
  14. Is it too boring of a genre to do? Isn't that how most games of this genre are? They pretty much cram all sorts of enemies for you to fight? Would a descent storyline help? Maybe 4 playable characters to play through would be better. Would it be better as a 2d sidescroller with 3d models? Or a full 3d environment?
  15. I'm thinking of a game that's something like how Double Dragon was popular in the 80's but with a major update with more influence off of God of War, DMC type of style and gameplay but more in vein with the classic Double Dragon style with an engaging storyline, cool cutscenes and having lots of different enemies to fight against like suited bodyguards, demons and zombies, mutants, cyborgs, monsters and all sorts of cool stuff, even things like resurrected ninjas and samurais to fight against with each stage having a tough boss to face against at the end of them. Also having maybe around 4 to 8 selectable main characters to choose from to play through each with their own specialties and move sets. Maybe having a multi player co op mode to block as well. I hope to create a game like this one day What do some of you think?
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