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  1. AaPa

    Feedback appreciated!

    Thank you very much Ada, glad to hear you enjoyed some of my work so far! You also raise some very valid points regarding producing and publishing my music. It is very true that I have a habit to maybe rush things a little, and indeed should take a day or two after I initially think the piece is done and then return to it, instead of making the projects public in unpolished state. Looking up some reverb - tutorials would probably make a difference also, since I do find it a bit challenging to apply in a tasteful way (I used to often overdo it a lot, and I suppose now I compensate that by not using enough so getting there, getting there). And as for the point about referencing my pieces against professionally produced material, that is a very good one, and since I in fact do that in my other projects, it kind of bewilders me why don't I do that for these pieces as well... so thank you for reminding me of that as well. Very helpful stuff Ada, thanks a lot!
  2. Well hello there! I am a passionate amateur musician with a passion for video games, and have been dabbling with the concept of creating music for said medium for some time now. Granted that I haven't had any actual projects to work on, so my compositions are so far just some random pieces with titles reflecting the scenes I imagine they would fit in, or what has inspired me to make them in the first place. And with that said I'm posting this to hopefully get some honest feedback regarding both my compositions and production, and whether any of the material provided might possibly have videogame-music potential. I am quite aware that the styles of my pieces do vary somewhat, and my production is most definitely not AAA-quality, but all kinds of advice and comments are very welcome. Cheers!
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