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  1. Jose Figueiredo

    How to avoid open-world grind?

    I don't know what the best way to avoid grinding is, but if you make grinding fun then it won't be a problem. Take, for example, games like Warframe, Borderlands or Monster Hunter, they're all grindfests but they're fun grindfests. In Warframe, you have a lot of control over the movements of your character and it feels great to jump around and slice enemies to farm for gear you'll use to do the same things again. In Borderlands, nothing beats the shower of loot you get every time you beat a boss so that you can beat the same boss at a harder level. In Monster Hunter, you feel great to finally be able to topple huge creatures to get that weapon or amor you really need before advancing to more challenging monsters. With all these games, the core grind remains throughout the whole game but they're fun, so it doesn't get repetitive.
  2. Jose Figueiredo


    How it began When I first started programming, I'd often begin to work on a project just to grow bored of it a few days after and then drop it forever so I made a compromise with myself to start a project that I would actually see through to the end. That project shaped up to become Vazio, and was, at the time, going to be an ambicious large scale rpg space simulator. Over time, I realized the initial idea would be incredibly costly time-consuming and so, I've toned down the scope of the game accordingly. How it is now Right now, the idea behind the project is for it to be a more traditional level-oriented 2D all-range space shooter with a focus on fun level-design and unique weapons. The current state of the game has most of the basics working with a lot of changes that need to be made, there's a short gameplay video down below. How it will be When the game releases, I'm hoping it will have about a dozen levels or so with plenty of replayability and a nice, wide selection of ships and armaments. Furthermore, I'd like to add things such as ship "abilities", bosses and a much better weapon system than what is in place right now, alongside major graphical and UI changes. How you can help I'm a programmer, not a sprite artist or a musician. If you're any of these and are interested in contributing to the project, please contact me through gamedev and I'll be happy to talk to you. Please note that this is a hobby project and there are no immediate plans to monetize it, however if it ever does end up making any money, it will be split between all who worked on it. Additionally, any and all feedback is very much welcome.
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    Album for Vazio
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