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  1. Phongy

    Performance: Fastest quad drawing

    I mean, without a use case it's really hard to answer. The general idea though is to use triangle list/strips and do as few "Draw Primitive" calls as possible. Graphics cards are really good at munching through high numbers of triangles so its more about how you deliver them.
  2. Phongy

    Performance: Fastest quad drawing

    How many triangles are we talking about here and why is it a performance concern?
  3. My only other suggestion would be to litter the code you want to step through with if statements checking the GetCurrentThreadID() value to some known value, maybe using a static value somewhere in the code that you can set at run time by hand. This would only allow you to run until you hit a breakpoint within one of these statements though.
  4. Freezing threads was all i was going to suggest yeah. What's the reason freezing isn't going to work? It's suitable for most debugging in most scenarios i've encountered.
  5. Have you tried applying a z-bias? https://computergraphics.stackexchange.com/questions/2192/cause-of-shadow-acne I'm also curious why you're using -1 to 1 for the depth map values and not just 0 to 1.
  6. What sort of mesh are you wanting to render that requires putting the triangles into a quad tree to increase performance? How big is it in the world and how many triangles does it have? What's the maximum triangles you are having for your leaf nodes? These days for hobbyist stuff you may as well just draw the whole model in most cases and use a bounding volume hierarchy to cull whole objects. It's far simpler and gets you most of the way there.
  7. Alternatively put the triangle in multiple nodes.
  8. I can also provide some counter evidence to IMGUI being bad. This is my editor/engine written entirely in IMGUI, my own library that I've rolled over the last few years. With appropriate optimisations the UI is extremely fast to render:
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