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  1. that's awesome, I cant even begin imagining what writing graphic demos in assembly would look like, thats super impressive, did you learn directx/c++ via chillitomato? and I really like that idea of creating simple demos focusing on a single thing, thats really smart ty and ill try to not get down about it
  2. yeh im trying to build an engine ontop of monogame to learn how stuff is done under the hood like Input,UI stuff like that to build my game ontop of, I just dont wanna be trapped inside an engine and be able to implement stuff myself,I tend to find videos to be a waste of time most of the time if its to implement something cause you basically just monkey see monkey do, and if u where to re write it the next day you couldn't even remember 5% of it , and no worries the more information the better which books have you read up on?
  3. I've been dabbling in programming for quite a while nothing professional, and the reason for that is cause I've always wanted to create games, so while learning I decided a game engine would be the better option and learned unity and I'm able to create some pretty cool stuff like an inventory system the code might not be the best but it works exactly how I visioned it too, but lately I've been wanting to learn how to create everything that makes up a game, like Collisions,Entity system we if go that route, Input system and things like that in Monogame since u basically have to implement all that stuff yourself but what I've realized is that I honestly don't know how to do ANYTHING I almost feel like I don't even know how to program it makes me super demotivated/depressed, I tried to create an Input system Idek where to start its like im staring at the screen for 4 hours and realized I didnt do anything cause Im lost, I wanna learn how to create good systems too like for input being able to remap to different keys, having multiple keys for an input so keyboard a and keyboard o and gamepad a would be all on the same action things like that, does anyone have tips / book recommendations or anything of the sort for these kinds of things? and how did you learn how to do these things if u can?
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