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  1. lorddesert

    2D artist needed!

    I'm making a adventure plataform,maybe action, 2D game in Unity as a Developer. The idea is making a post apocaliptical cyberpunk game. The history is already made,but I need somebody who can help me with the sprites of the characters,and the environment of the game. Maybe,when the game has finished,we can put in sale,or something like that. Thanks for attention.
  2. Hi,i'm a developer interested in work together to make a game,or be part of a team,i can use Unity in 2D,3D proyects!
  3. lorddesert

    looking for unity 2d programmer

    Hi,i'm interested to work with you as a programmer and i have spanish native language.
  4. lorddesert

    Pixel Artist Looking For A Small Team

    I'm interested to work with you as a programmer!
  5. Hi,im interested to take part as a programmer,and maybe as a animator.
  6. Hi,im looking for an artist who can me help with a proyect,it will be a adventure plataform,maybe action,2D game in unity,i need help with the sprites for animation,environment,etc. My intention is practice with this,and grow,if you are interested,please send me a message,thanks!
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