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  1. TufanMeric

    Need help optimizing the bandwidth

    Thank you all for the help, it's a lot better now.
  2. TufanMeric

    Need help optimizing the bandwidth

    I managed to make it 936KB/30Sec, I lowered update frequency from 60/sec to 30/sec, made bullets move client-side, disabled updates for inactive entities and bam! 15MB/30s to 1MB/30s. My wallet and players' internet connections thanks you, kind sir.
  3. TufanMeric

    Need help optimizing the bandwidth

    I'm currently sending events like [bullet moved...x60/second], will try to change that. Except that, at this point I can't add any client side prediction without making huge changes.
  4. I made a diep.io-like game but i think it uses way too much data, 30 seconds in battle (dozens of bullets flying around) means 10MB download for client. I only send entity updates when they are changed 60 times a second, the only thing I don't send in game loop is attack animation, I send attack animation packet to all players instantly after player starts attacking. I'm using Binary WebSockets with Node.js ws library, I tried making packets as small as possible. Is this normal for a game or am I doing something wrong?
  5. Thanks for your time and detailed explanation, that helped and saved me a lot of time rewriting things in Java.
  6. I've built half the game server with node.js, should I switch to java before it's too late? My game has some turrets that attack players in their range using the code below. inRange = (x1, y1, x2, y2, w, h) => x1 < x2 + w && x1 > x2 - w && y1 < y2 + h && y1 > y2 - h; for (let i = 0; i < this.room.entities.length; i += 1) { if ( inRange( entity.body.position[0], entity.body.position[1], this.body.position[0], this.body.position[1], 500, 500, ) ) { ...attack } } I think this might not be the best way to do that in Node.js when there's 150-200 turrets since Node.js is single-threaded, which makes me think about rewriting the server in Java. I'm currently using p2.js for physics, I will probably use dyn4j or JBox2D on Java.
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