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    Godot or not?

    "Are you confusing it with something else?" - No, I'm not confusing it with anything else. It may be in version 3.x but I had a number of problems with it that made it completely unusable. Maybe the C# version was in alpha, as discussed above. But even if I could get it to be stable enough to do work with, which I wasn't able to, it's obviously written by Android developers, it uses GLES exclusively, and it doesn't even have DirectX support on Windows - which should be the first API targeted on this platform. It's not a good Windows engine. There are several others that beat it hands down. It doesn't actually deserve it's current popularity.
  2. Maybe you should do some artwork and write up some more details about your idea. And maybe download Visual Studio Community Edition and try making a C# console game, then you can think about programming something bigger and wonder at the life of a game developer.
  3. DeadStack

    Godot or not?

    You're probably right. I was using the C# version. My mistake.
  4. DeadStack

    Godot or not?

    Does it sound like opinion? That being said, I can't actually find the page that says that. I don't think I'm mistaken, except that it doesn't look like it was on the front page.
  5. DeadStack

    Engine UI

    There seems to be some confusion about what the engine is. The project editor or scene editor is not the engine. The engine runs in your game - it's a set of API's. To have your game run inside an editor - well, you might not even want to do this. It's fine to build your game and also side by side build a world editor. But if you do want to run the game - or even partially run it. You have to consider how your editor works and also how your engine works and just integrate them as makes sense. I have an engine/framework in UWP, and that makes it easy, because I just have to create a Xaml application with a SwapchainPanel control. My engine can be started using two different application types .. 1) a XamlWindow applicaiton or 2) a CoreWindow application (no xaml). So to have an editor host the engine output I construct the engine with the XamlWindow's swapchain panel. I start up the engine thread. I setup the scene graph and that's it. I have the game view running inside an editor. I then use UWP Xaml to make the editor. That all being said, it's a work in progress.
  6. DeadStack

    Godot or not?

    Godot is in alpha and it shows. Edit: take a look at Xenko https://xenko.com/ it's more mature than Godot. And thanks for the downvote, just sharing my opinion, I've had Godot on my system for a few weeks and I'm yet to even be able to get it to run, it's not ready for prime time. They even say on the front page - Don't use this for commercial projects - It's not ready.
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