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    An Aspie Life Beginnings - JRPG/Adventure game about autism

    Hey there again! Well, today’s a special day! This #screenshotsaturday the first Build of the game has finally been released! The current build takes you through the opening to the game. No JRPG battles just yet. In celebration I’ve made a small trailer. An Aspie Life Beginnings first RELEASE is now up for free! Thank you, everyone, who has supported this project over the last one and a bit years. Still, a long way to go! https://gamejolt.com/games/AnAspieLifeBeginnings/347369 https://enderlost-studios.itch.io/an-aspie-life-beginnings
  2. EnderLost Studios

    An Aspie Life Beginnings - JRPG/Adventure game about autism

    The Flamboyant tomboy makes her introduction
  3. EnderLost Studios

    An Aspie Life Beginnings - JRPG/Adventure game about autism

    Thank you. I use GameMaker and paint.net and that's about it.
  4. An Aspie Life Beginnings Introduction An Aspie Life Beginnings An Aspie Life Beginnings is the prequel to An Aspie Life. Set 9 years before the OG game. Telling the story of how Thales and Aislin first met. The An Aspie Life series is all about autism and trying to recreate what it is like to live with autism. This is done through the innovative mechanics, gameplay, style and sound. For the prequel, you will be able to choose between 3 characters to see their perspective on the world. The story in more detail “Winter, it’s cold… very cold. The coldest on record! Some say that winter is the season of death. I guess that’s true, but the white blanket that falls on the world. Is a canvas waiting to be carved. This town is full of story’s, A towns lifeline is it's populating. There are mystery’s waiting to be solved, broken dreams and fortunes waiting to be resurrected. And in the middle of it all… was us. 3 kids who stumbled into an adventure we never saw coming.” - Aislin Links OG Game on steamhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/786410/An_Aspie_Life/ Twitter https://twitter.com/mebradhen/status/1008590654853640195 FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/TheAspiegame/ Website https://mebradhen.github.io/index.html Music A sample of what the music is like. OST by Joe Watson Love some feedback, would really appreciate it! 365 days ago, An Aspie Life was released into the wild! So, on this first anniversary, I want to say thank you to all of you who followed that and the upcoming games development and of course played it. So, Thank you! Well hey there again! For this weeks #screenshotsaturday i finished the school and its background! One thing I have learnt over this project so far, is that good art takes time. What I mean is my vision of the game is… VERY BIG! And as such the amount of backgrounds and detail I have to draw is far greater than the first time. So, it feels like it’s taking 3 times as long… and it because there is 3 times the amount of work with 3 times more detail. Regardless I’m picking away at it when I can between uni and slowly it’s starting to take form. Now I’ve started work on the outside playground for the school and some of the characters that will populate it. See ya next week!
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