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  1. On google play store I see a lot of games that get over 1 million downloads. Even crappy VR games. I have personally spent a lot of money on Universal App campaigns and even with more than 5000 positive reviews on my game, I could not get my app to be downloaded this high. My app stayed in trending trivia games as "number one" for days in my country but I still could not manage to get to 100k levels. I wonder how many of these successful indie publishers spend money like me on ads ? I know you have to have a good budget to market your game for Steam (well you will hopefully have revenue in return right?) but what about the iOS and Google Playstores ? If these folks do spend money then how much do they really spend ? Or is it pure organic luck? I doubt that. Please consider the fact that many of these popular games rely on making revenue of ads not direct sales. If they do sell in-app purchases thats great but market data shows that players prefer watching rewarded video ads rather than paying.
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